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You’ll Never Buy $5 Coffee Again

January 14, 2019
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Kick your fancy coffee house habit with these alternatives you can make in your affordable apartment.

Why visit an expensive coffee shop when you can make your favorite drinks right at home in your affordable apartment? These four recipes will help you recreate some of the sweet, caffeinated treats that you crave. Instead of stopping at a café on your way to work… or on the way home… or on your lunch break… or at basically any time of day because they’re just so good, you can feel good about saving money and probably a few calories with these homemade alternatives.

Pumpkin Latte

In addition to the espresso and steamed milk you need for a basic latté, this recipe includes pureed pumpkin (fresh or canned), a few drops of vanilla, a pinch of brown sugar, and typical fall spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves. If your spice cabinet isn’t stocked, you can get away with just using cinnamon. To ensure the smooth incorporation of these new flavors, heat the pumpkin puree in a sauce pan along with a dash of heavy cream. Add in the spices and simmer briefly before adding a few tablespoons to your latté.

Chocolate Peppermint Mocha

You can turn a mug of black coffee into an irresistible mocha in just two easy steps. First, add hot milk to take the bitter edge off a strong brew. Second, stir in one tablespoon of cocoa power and sugar to taste. Now you’ve got yourself a delicious everyday drink. Want to add some winter flair? Add in a quarter or half teaspoon of peppermint flavoring or stir with a candy cane. If you think this is bound to become a daily drink, you can purchase a container of flavored syrup. Or, you can use crème de menthe for a different type of minty flavor.

Caramel Cappuccino

Compared to lattés, it’s much less common for cappuccinos to be made at home. And that’s a shame because there are almost endless ways to do it. In fact, this is a great place to let the kids jump in and help! Option 1: Fill any jar halfway with milk, seal the lid, and shake vigorously. Microwave for 15 seconds and the foam will float to the top. Option 2: Use a French press by pouring hot milk into the glass body and moving the sieve up and down quickly. Option 3: Pour hot milk into a medium bowl and whisk by hand until frothy. For this variation, you’ll add caramel flavor by stirring any desired caramel sauce into hot milk. To construct your cappuccino, begin with one part espresso, followed by one part caramel-flavored milk, and end with one part foamed milk.

Vanilla Bean Ice

Although this isn’t a caffeine-packed beverage, it is a mainstay in coffee shops across America. Combine vanilla bean ice cream and ice in your blender and mix until smooth. Next, add milk until you reach your desired thickness. For additional flavor, try adding an extra teaspoon of vanilla extract, or premade coffee ice cubes to add that caffeinated kick. And, you can always top it off with a stylish swirl of whipped cream.

A plain cup of joe can easily become a unique, satisfying drink if only given the chance. Try making one this week in your affordable apartment. Ample counter space and brand new appliances make the job even easier. Tour a ROSS apartment today and experience our new and improved kitchen spaces.