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Who ya gonna call? Dormbusters!

March 20, 2017

ROSS’ college apartments in Richmond, VA, make off-campus living a no-brainer.

Remember in high school how you used to spend half your time fantasizing about how cool it would be to live in a dorm when you got to college? Then you got to college, moved into a dorm – and in very short order found yourself fantasizing about how great it would be to move out.

If that’s you we’re describing, we have two words for you: get real!

ROSS has a fantastic Richmond apartment that take the dis out of discomfort and the in out of inconvenience – in other words, pretty much everything you’ve been dealing with living on-campus.

If you’re a college student in Richmond, there’s a ROSS apartment community near your campus. Your journey to freedom begins right here…right now!


  • Close to: VCU and the University of Richmond
  • Description: What would you call an incredibly comfortable, stylishly renovated, conveniently located apartment in Richmond? Our guess is you’d call it “home”…especially after a long day in the lecture halls.
  • BONUS: So many reasons to leave home – Carytown, the Fan District, Shockoe Slip, the Museum District and more – all just minutes away!

There you have it: an apartment in Richmond, VA‘s college students (and faculty!) are excited about. It’s bound to be perfect, so put down your books, get off the campus and start touring today!