ROSS Companies Four Winter Accessories for Commuting from Your Silver Spring Apartment
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Top Four Winter Accessories for Commuters

January 25, 2018

These buys will keep you warm as you set out from your Silver Spring apartment, head to lunch, and work in the office.

Commuting from your ROSS Silver Spring apartment is quick and easy. But, during the winter, it’s also cold. To make you shiver a little less and smile a little more, we’ve assembled a list of the top winter accessories of the season.

Winter weather can make the five-block walk from your apartment to the Metro feel like a mountain trek. But getting good gear from head to toe can really make the difference. Timberland, Columbia and L.L.Bean are all trusted brands for office- appropriate winter boots. They’ll have you wiggling your warm toes and remembering the naïve days when you thought loafers were winter wear.

You’ve got your scarf wrapped and hat on, excited to meet a friend at the newest lunch spot. But, your friend’s not as “certain” about the address as they were earlier. No fear, now is the perfect time to show off your spiffy Etip gloves from The North Face as you whip out your phone and find the address yourself, all while keeping your hands nice and warm!

Back in the office, some genius has just suggested a cost-cutting initiative that involves keeping your office at a glacial temperature. No need to fret, because we’ve got an accessory for that, too. TOMS has a delightful selection of wool-lined shoes, from simple flats and sleek boots to sophisticated brogues.

Last and definitely least enjoyable is the trip home. It’s getting darker (and colder…and windier) and you just want to curl up inside. Instead, brighten up your return commute with these headphone ear warmers by 180s. They’ll keep your ears much cozier than a scarf and you can play upbeat tunes the whole way home.

To top off the day, stop by any one of these cozy cafés, just minutes away from your Silver Spring apartment. If you can’t get a five-star latte blocks from your current home, you should take a tour today and see everything that ROSS’ apartments in Silver Spring have to offer.