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Winning Oscar Night Party Ideas

February 22, 2019
Close up of entering on the party.

Turn your Silver Spring apartment into a red carpet venue!

Friends will be flocking to your Silver Spring apartment like paparazzi to a celebrity hideout when you embrace these cute and clever party ideas. Here’s hoping you pull out all the stops with your decor, dress to impress, and most of all, have some fun.

Don’t Be Scared of Flair

The Oscars are all about beauty and drama. That’s why people watch them! So don’t be timid in your party decorating. Consider a traditional black and gold theme: velvet table runners, glittering gold stars, and a champagne toast. Or you take the date literally and roll out your very own red carpet. With a formal dress code and a polaroid courtesy of the host, your guests will have the night of their life strutting down the runway.

Make a Fool of Yourself

Actors are hard to embarrass, and that’s part of their charm. They throw themselves wholeheartedly into gut-wrenching, totally awkward, and beyond funny situations. Get your guests out of their comfort zone by encouraging them to do the same! Play a game of charades based on this year’s nominations (Bohemian Rhapsody and The Favorite are bound to produce some fantastical mimes).

Create Your Own Competition

While Christian Bale and Willem Dafoe are battling it out for their award, why not earn your own? Poke a little fun at yourself and your friends by creating your own award categories like cutest smile, worst sense of style, and most interesting conversationalist! If your guests are up for it, you can host a costume competition and see who sports the wildest suit or the most stunning ball gown. Even better, you can host a Project Runway style make-your-own-outfit competition at a local thrift shop before the party.

With easy to clean floors, expansive views, and awesome amenities, it’s no wonder every ROSS resident loves hosting parties in their Silver Spring apartment! Take a tour today and see why these apartments are perfect for hosts and hostesses.