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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

February 7, 2017

The residents of ROSS’ apartments in Hyattsville, MD, know how to get into the loving spirit of Valentine’s Day. 


Now that the busy holiday season is over and extended family members have made their way back home, the residents of ROSS’ apartments in Hyattsville, MD, have more time to dedicate to the other loved ones in their life. And what better occasion to spread the love than Valentine’s Day?

Whether you have a special someone or not, here are some ways to get into the spirit of this sweet holiday.


Host a Movie Night With Your Family or Friends

Your spacious Hyattsville apartment is the perfect place to kick back with fun snacks and a good movie. Stay in the theme of the holiday with a romantic comedy or choose a different genre for the night.


Make a Delectable Dessert to Share With Coworkers

Spread cheer in your office by bringing in a treat made with love for everyone to enjoy. Try one of these Valentine’s Day-inspired recipes or stick with classic chocolate chip cookies!


Give Back to Your Community

Donate to your favorite charity or volunteer your time with a local organization. You could make someone’s day by helping prepare and/or deliver food to those who are homebound with nearby Meals on Wheels.


Surprise Your Sweetie With Decorations

What better way to show your love than with heart-warming decorations? Go crazy with red and pink hearts, pictures of your favorite memories together and flowers, while your valentine is out or asleep.


Now that you know how to get into the loving spirit of the holiday, keep it going and head to a community that loves to take care of its residents all year ’round. Start a meaningful relationship with ROSS’ apartments in Hyattsville, MD, today!