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We Wish Every Day Were Pizza Day!

November 11, 2015

This Thursday, November 12, pizza lovers’ of ROSS’ apartments in Greenbelt will unite in the celebration of National Pizza Day!

Some may wonder, where is the best place to celebrate this truly cheesy day?

To that we say, the City of Greenbelt of course! Head to one of these four fiery pizza spots for the best National Pizza Day celebration:

  1. Three Brothers
    1. ROSS’ Terrific Topping Tip – Neapolitan Special – This hand-tossed dough is topped with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions and sweet peppers.
    2. With the perfect combination of these flavors, you’re going to want to order the 16″ pizza.
  2. Ledo Pizza
    1. ROSS’ Terrific Topping Tip – The Cannonball – This square-shaped dough is topped with Ledo’s signature sauce, fresh, all-natural mozzarella, meatballs and aged Parmesan, garnished with fresh basil.
    2. Be sure to order an 18″ so you’ll have plenty for seconds, and even thirds!
  3. DMV Pizza
    1. ROSS’ Terrific Topping Tip – DMV Greek Pizza – This dough, made from the freshest ingredients, is topped with feta cheese, gyro strips, black olives and onions.
    2. Here we suggest that when combining the best of the Italian world and the Greek world in one pizza, ordering the extra large 16″ pizza is mandatory.
  4. Pizza Oven
    1. ROSS’ Terrific Topping Tip – Tomato Sauce & Cheese Pizza – This thin-crust classic is topped with an original sauce recipe and the freshest cheeses.
    2. This pizza is a crowd pleaser, so you’re going to want to go with a large…OR TWO!

Whether you decide to celebrate at one of these fiery pizza joints or make your own at home in your spacious kitchen, we think that you should be spending this day celebrating in a community filled with people you’ll love to share pizza and other good times with. So finish that last slice, wipe the sauce off your chin and come take a tour of ROSS’ Greenbelt apartments for rent today!