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Best Places to Give Back This Thanksgiving Season

November 9, 2017

ROSS’ apartments in Alexandria, VA, are surrounded by fantastic ways to give back to your local community!

The holiday season always puts people in a giving mood. And no matter how you decide to give back – whether it’s as simple as sweeping the walk in front of your apartment in Alexandria, VA, or baking a batch of cookies for the neighbors – you always feel better afterwards.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of local charities in need of your help. Undoubtedly, volunteering with any of these remarkable organizations will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy, and leave the world a little brighter!


Operation Paws for Homes

No one can say no to a face like that! Helping our furry friends (this one’s name is Bourbon) is one of the most popular ways to volunteer, and no wonder. They’re cute, they’re soft and they need our help. Unlike most animal rescues, Operation Paws for Homes offers a huge variety of volunteer opportunities. If you own a car, know how to write or love to fundraise: you can help! If you’re willing to train dogs or snap photos of them, even better. And you can always take a cute pup home with you to your apartment in Alexandria, VA, via adoption.


National Military Family Association

With Arlington only 15 minutes away from their apartment in Alexandria, VA, many ROSS residents find volunteering with the national Military Family Association particularly meaningful. Along with the deep sense of respect and solidarity often felt in this organization, you might be struck with gratitude as you lend your support to military families. While their loved ones are on active duty, you can provide scholarships to military spouses and send military children to camp through Operation Purple. If your own children want to volunteer, this charity recommends making thank-you cards for local veterans and participating in military service appreciation events.


United Community Ministries

United Community Ministries is another amazing charity that offers a lot of different volunteering opportunities. You can take a shift at the thrift store, serve as a teaching aide, help out in the food pantry or become a mentor. If your child wants to help, you can host a food drive at the local elementary, middle or high school and donate the results! However you decide to help, you won’t regret leaving your apartment in Alexandria, VA, to give back.


For even more volunteering opportunities in your local area, visit the Volunteer Alexandria website. And if these opportunities are close to home, but not close to where you live, make an appointment today and tour the nearby ROSS’ apartments in Alexandria, VA.