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Top Four Spring-Cleaning Hacks

May 8, 2018

Tidying up your College Park apartment will be a piece of cake this semester.

During a hectic semester, a student apartment can get seriously messy. When you have to decide between studying for finals and tackling the hazard zone your kitchen has become, the choice is clear. But, now that the school year is coming to a close, it’s the perfect time to spruce up your ROSS College Park apartment and get it ready for summer.

Hack #1

Work five minutes at a time. The hardest thing about end-of-year cleaning is that it can feel so overwhelming. Trying to clean your entire apartment in a single day is like cramming the night before a test. It’s stressful! And it’s going to leave you burnt out. Instead, try cleaning just five minutes at a time. When it’s just a five-minute commitment, there are NO excuses! And, more often than not, once you get started you’ll feel compelled to clean a whole room.


Hack #2

Do a deep clean. Try to think of a spot in your apartment that you haven’t touched all semester. It might be hard at first, but there are probably a dozen under-the-cabinet and in-between-the-cushions-type places that you haven’t touched in an entire year. These spaces might not feel worth cleaning during the semester when time is short, but now that summer is here, we can address them. Deep cleaning your College Park apartment can be surprisingly beneficial. In addition to these unexpected benefits of keeping a clean home, attention to the details during your spring-cleaning can provide a sense of calm, completeness and control after a chaotic school year.

Hack #3

Sell your stuff. If you’re like most college students, you probably ended the semester with less money than you would’ve liked. Clear up clutter in your College Park apartment and get a little extra cash in the process by thrifting your things. Start with big ticket items like textbooks (you can always resell to an overeager freshman) and then move onto smaller things like unused clothing, decorative items you no longer enjoy and extra school supplies.


Hack #4

Make a plan. Everything goes better when there’s a plan for it to go according to. Once you’ve got your College Park apartment sparkling, create some structure that will keep you organized through the summer and hopefully into the next school year. Desktop bins, specialized hangers that fit perfectly in walk-in closets and under-the-bed storage are all great tools.