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Top Five Summer Swim Spots

June 8, 2018

The amenities at these student apartments are awesomely extra

There are three kinds of college students: the Cancun blackout spring breakers; the casual Thirsty Thursday attendees; and the students who think the phrase “C’s get degrees” is blasphemy. Whether it’s every night or just once a month, going out requires effort. And let’s be honest: effort is the college student’s natural enemy. Plus, it’s undeniably expensive. Stay closer to home this summer and party at the pool, for free! To help you on this money-saving, good-time quest, we’ve listed the top five pools at ROSS student apartments…


Colesville Towers Student Apartments

Coming in at #1 is the Colesville Towers pool! In addition to the huge, crystal blue pool, Colesville Towers has a bunch of other summertime amenities. Make any get together complete by cooking up some burgers on the outdoor grill and eating under the elegant cover of porticos and shade umbrellas.

Versailles Student Apartments

The Versailles pool is the runner-up in our rankings and it certainly lives up to its name. The French-country-style pool house gives the space a luxurious feel, while the spreading oaks are the epitome of the original meaning of “shady”. This pool deck is perfect for entertaining (by which we mean, impressing your friends). Beautiful design is matched point-for-point with true functionality at this awesome summer hangout spot.

Horizon Square Student Apartments

The traditional pool at Horizon Square is perfect for the casual athlete. Its rectangular shape and deep water make it good for swimming laps and, it’s a great place to cool off after smashing a workout. Inviting friends over? Lay out a picnic blanket in Horizon Square’s ample green space or dish out a delicious lunch on the picnic tables.

Seven Springs Student Apartments

The Seven Springs pool comes in at #4 purely for its aesthetic. A round pool, surrounded by traditional lamplight and bordered by a lake with its own spouting fountain, is the centerpiece of the Seven Springs outdoor space. Soak up the sun during the day or take a chilly nighttime dip.

Charlestowne North Student Apartments

This sparkling pool couldn’t go without mention. We’ve already told you about why you should take a dip. But in case you forgot, the Charlestowne North student apartments have a glistening pool, with a shallower area for lounging. The pool is also conveniently located just outside the ground-floor apartments. So, no walking half a mile in a bikini and flip-flops.

Charlestowne North Apartments Pool During The Day

You can’t lose with these deliciously cold swimming pools. Take a totally relaxing, totally free break from whatever’s got you busy this summer. You deserve it! Take a tour today and see which one of ROSS’ top five student apartments for swimming makes a splash with you.