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Top 5 Back-to-School Hacks

September 4, 2018
father helping his son do some homework on the sofa, determined to finish it.

Keep your kids and your military apartment in tiptop shape this fall.

Getting back into the school year routine can be challenging, but we’re here to help. We’ve gathered five tips that will help make the transition easy!

Google Calendar

This is more of a tool than a tip, but it’s absolutely indispensable. With color-coding capabilities, easily edited events and last-minute reminders, Google Calendar does it all. Keep track of your own working hours as well as your child’s drop-off and pickup times, sports practices and music lessons.

Create a Designated Study Space

Keep crumpled papers off the kitchen table with this simple hack. Carve out a corner, side table or desk to become your child’s designated study space. Not only will this minimize clutter in the rest of the house, it will actually get your child in the mindset of productivity as soon as they sit down in that chair. Bonus: Use caddies or Tupperware to organize supplies!

Teach Them How to Make a Checklist

This is a fairly simple concept that almost every adult uses in their everyday lives. Unlike the obscure applications of algebra, your kid will have no trouble understanding the tangible benefits of a checklist. When every chore for the day is done, and early no less, your child will revel in their reward, remembering to always, always use a checklist.

The Homework Folder

This hack must be decades old, but it never fails. Having a folder specifically for homework, with one side for incomplete and another for complete work, helps your child visually keep track of their responsibilities. In addition, it keeps their papers neat and flat, which under any other circumstance would be a miracle.

Find Home Base

Finding your own home base is a great way to prevent mistakes and forgotten items. Whether it’s a chair at the breakfast table or a corner in the front hall, this idea is a winner. Have your child put everything they’ll need for the day at their home base: backpack (with homework folder safely inside), jacket, sneakers, lunchbox and any other necessary materials for the day. Right before you walk out the door, go through their checklist with them and make sure you’ve got it all!

You can keep your military apartment as pristine as your barracks with these five tips. And with the space and features offered at ROSS’ military apartments, it’s even easier to stay organized. Tour today.