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Top 3 Tips for Lovestruck Terps

February 6, 2019
Couple in love, hanging out in coffee shop.

These cute ideas are way better than a movie and the couch at your college park apartment.

One of the scariest and most rewarding aspects of college is the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Some things carry over from high school, but most of them are very, very different. You’re still taking classes during the day, but at night you’re living off campus in a College Park apartment. You’ve got a semi-regular schedule, but your social life is suffering from a disease called “Group Projects.” Improve your odds at a successful love life with these quick tips.

Praise Testudo

It’s common knowledge that a generous offering to Testudo can help you pass your midterm, ditch that awful roommate, and keep your files safe from corruption (or the opposite if it’ll buy you some time). But did you know that Testudo is also a verified matchmaker? Take one flower from your fresh bouquet and place it at Testudo’s feet for better luck in love! Want even better chances with this once-in-a-semester beauty? Offer a single chocolate to each of the five Testudos around campus.

Cozy Date Venues

If you forgot Romeo’s name between class and your car, don’t distress. Head to Starbucks for this first date hack; the barista will ask for your date’s name and call it out when they pick it up. You’ll only get two chances so listen close! If you’re looking into something a little more serious, these three spots will offer a relatively intimate atmosphere and an out of the way space. Jumbo Jumbo offers traditional Taiwanese food and bubble tea. They’re especially known for their delectable appetizers. Next, reserve a spot at Board and Brew. It’s a combination food, drink, and entertainment venue that offers both coffee and more intoxicating beverages. It’s a great choice if you’re not sure what the mood will be. Lastly, for a super casual meet up, consider the posh Vigilante Coffee or try a gin or pear brandy tasting at Sanfroid Distillery, right around the corner.

Campus Photo Spots

Once you’ve gone steady, you can invite your partner out for a romantic walk and stop to pose at these cute spots! No beau? No problem. Collect a group of your closest friends and make a day of snapping fabulous pics. Then prepare to watch the internet alight with jealousy. You rocked it. For the thrill-seeking terp, venture towards the Point of Failure. This spot is known to have snatched on-time graduation from the hands of many a straight-A student. But wouldn’t it look baller on your Insta? Next there’s the fountain on McKeldin Mall. This spot may seem cliche, but it’s cliche for a reason; it offers an unbeatable view and features a distinct Maryland landmark. Last, try the lawn in front of Van Munching Hall. In the spring, this green expanse with dots of beautiful foliage doesn’t just make for good headshots, it also makes for great profile photos and Polaroids.

Proximity to campus is the top reason Terps choose a College Park apartment, and it makes snapping pics and praising Testudo quick and easy. What other benefits might there be? Take a tour today and find out.