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Tip Off to Terp Season

November 5, 2018

Find out what to expect this season and how to enjoy the game inside and out of your College Park apartment.

Get ready for a whole new season of college basketball! Starting November 6th, students will be huddled around a flat screen in their College Park apartment, waiting in line with their hard-won tickets, and cheering on their favorite players. Read on for a preview of the season to come and some tips about where and how to watch.


High Hopes, Young Players

Maryland’s men’s basketball team had a tumultuous season last year, but a lot of changes are in store for the coming months. This year’s team is younger; more than half of the available scholarship spots belong to freshmen. And, perhaps because of this, the team is also more cohesive. A culture of learning and togetherness has developed among them. The team’s new faces, many of whom have never played a college basketball game in their life, seem willing to learn. What do veteran players have to say about the influx of new talent? So far, they’re impressed by the maturity and dedication exhibited by their teammates. The team is more close-knit than ever, and they might just exceed expectations this fall.


The Maryland Basketball Experience

Promise of an engaging, competitive season is the number one reason to see our basketball team in person. As a student, you can get free tickets (by lottery) if you sign up now. Any member of the public can buy single game tickets or a mini-pack for three games (price TBD), purchase a season pass ($359+), or buy tickets for an away game ($30+). There’s a hefty discount for recent graduates: anyone below 30 years old who graduated from Maryland can get 50% of their season tickets. And parents or any current Maryland student will get 20% off the same season pass. Don’t miss being a part of the cheering crowd of loyal fans at the Xfinity Center this season!


Where and When to Watch at Home

If crowds just aren’t your style, or you’ve got a sweet setup in your College Park apartment, here are some tips for viewing the game at home. You can stream the games live at any number of websites, including BTN, Fox Sports Go, and ESPN+. For a uniquely Maryland experience, tune in to WMUC sports, a student radio station dedicated to UMD athletics, and get a play-by-play from undergraduate sport fanatics. Borrow extra chairs from your dorm lounge or have people bring folding chairs to make sure there’s plenty of seating for all. Get out the chips, dip, and soda and turn on the game!


Awesome athletics and student entertainment is widely available in College Park. But good, affordable housing? Much less so. For a better deal, tour a ROSS’ College Park apartment. You’ll be surprised by how functional and spacious it is. Secure yourself a win this basketball season with a ROSS apartment in College Park.