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The Ultimate Pool Day

July 24, 2018
Shot of two young boys having fun together in a swimming pool

The pool at these Laurel apartments totally rocks!

Planning makes the world go ‘round. Or, at least, it makes things go smoothly. For the best pool day ever at Horizon Square Laurel apartments, we recommend doing a few things ahead of time. Having a fun game up your sleeve, a cheese stick in your cooler and some shade over your head can make all the difference. Read on for ways to make your next day poolside a complete success…

Fun Pool Games!

You might be able to put your head down and swim for an hour in one go but it’s unlikely your kids will have the same patience (and equally unlikely they’d let you workout undisturbed, anyway). Invest in some pool toys and invent some fun games to keep them occupied. A toy that’s heavy and a similar color to the pool’s bottom makes the perfect treasure hunt for older kids. All you have to do is throw it in while their backs are turned. For younger kids, you can keep them above water by using ping-pong balls instead. Have kids find floating ping-pong balls of a certain color, letter or number (or combination), to get them ready for school in the fall.

Feeding the Troops

Keeping kids happy, especially a whole group of them, is a major challenge. But, keeping them hydrated and full is easy, with these simple tips. First, freeze whole water bottles and bring them with you poolside. As they melt, everyone will get ice-cold water for hours. Second, you can bring a cooler (leave it under the umbrellas for maximum temperature retention) full of pre-sliced veggies, string cheese and deli meats. Quick, hand-held snacks are ideal for a swim day.

What Not to wear

Many a Florida vacation has been ruined by the unskilled application of sunblock. Don’t run the risk that you’ll end your swim day with regret. Instead of wearing a bikini and applying sunscreen directly before you enter the pool, try applying it 30 minutes to an hour ahead of time. This allows the sunscreen to absorb into the skin and be more effective. Buy a wrap in this season’s style. Not only will it be more fashionable but it will protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Lastly, try the 20/40 rule. For every hour you spend at the pool, spend 20 minutes in the shade. Ample umbrellas are provided alongside the sparkling pool at the Horizon Square Laurel apartments for precisely this reason.

What is it really like to spend a whole day, lounging under the sun at Horizon Square’s gorgeous pool? Take a tour today and find out.