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Give the Ultimate Gift of Relaxation This Mother’s Day

May 7, 2018

How to spoil Mom without leaving your Laurel, MD, apartment.

The everyday hustle of motherhood is all about taking care of others. So on the holiday dedicated to her, we love to turn the table and be the ones taking care of Mom. It brings to mind expensive flowers, brunch at a fancy restaurant and jam-packed days full of amateur crafting (and mess-making!). This Mother’s Day, set aside the desire to make it a time to remember and be sure it’s a time that Mom can truly relax.


Prepare a simple breakfast

There’s no need to go all out with breakfast this Mother’s Day. Keep things simple, to minimize mess and maximize the chance Mom will actually enjoying eating it. You can do this by choosing something simple, like a parfait or toast and toppings. Or, you can prepare something more complicated in advance. Try creating homemade pancake mix by combining dry ingredients ahead of time and then helping the kids measure out wet ingredients on the day of. Preparing anything is easy in the newly renovated kitchen at every Crestleigh Laurel, MD, apartment.


Do a cleanup-free craft

This year, don’t haul out the glue and the glitter. Minimize mess with creative crafts like button bracelets and pressed flowers. You can easily set up a creation station in the living room of your Laurel, MD, apartment by laying down a blanket or sheet and using upturned boxes as individual workspaces.



Delegate childcare

Just like any other day, the kids have to be taken care of on Mother’s Day. But, I think we can all agree it shouldn’t be Mom’s responsibility. After all, this is her day! Extend the joy of the holiday to multiple generations (and give Mom some downtime) by inviting the grandparents over. With a playground and an expansive field, Horizon Square Laurel, MD, apartments are the perfect place to let the kids tire themselves out, while Mom gets some much-deserved rest.


Get your apartment sparkling

This cool idea by The Simple Dollar is a great way to surprise Mom on Mother’s Day. Send her out to the store (or the spa) for an hour or so. While she’s gone, clean your Laurel, MD, apartment from top to bottom! She’ll be delighted to come home to a space that’s actually cleaner than when she left!


Make it count

Ask any mother with growing children and she’ll say the number one thing she wants from them is quality time. The older children get, the more independence they need. After-school time that used to be just for the family can quickly turn into soccer with the besties or “I’m going to Zach’s to study, Mom!” as your child unceremoniously slams the door. Encourage children to recognize the importance of celebrating the holiday and ask them to be completely present during this one day.


With these simple ideas, this Mother’s Day is going to be the best one yet. There’ll be no mess, no stress and plenty of quality time together in your Laurel, MD, apartment. Come in for a tour today and experience these Laurel apartments’ beautiful, functional spaces.