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The Summer Switch

June 19, 2018
roommates cooking together

roommates cooking together

It’s easy to transform your ROSS College Park apartment into a staycation spa with these tips and ideas.

Eat Like a King

During the semester, it’s hard to make time for good food. If you’re a college student, you’re probably used to black coffee for breakfast, munching Cheetos to get through the latest study session and the classic All-Ramen Diet. Summer is the perfect opportunity to get cooking! Check out these simple recipes you can make in any kitchen. And take advantage of the separate formal dining room at your College Park apartment by inviting your favorite people and showing off your rad new food skills.


Staycation Tip #1: Put your technology on Do Not Disturb and do your best to disengage from work and school life. A relaxing staycation can easily turn into a jam-packed weekend or a work-from-home week if you’re not careful.


Hit the Water

Whether you live in a Charlestowne North or Seven Springs College Park apartment, you’ll have access to a bright blue pool this summer! Work on your tan, swim some laps or just splash around with your friends. If you’re feeling more contemplative, check out this list of must-reads for summer 2018 (interlink with “Summer Reading List, Revised”) and start a soon-to-be classic poolside.


Staycation Tip #2: Set the mood. Usually, you’re lucky to spot a patch of carpet underneath all the clothing and books. This summer, pick up your apartment, set out scented candles and let some natural light in by opening the blinds. You’ll be a few steps closer to ultimate staycation relaxation.


Get in Shape

Aside from New Year’s, the onset of summer is probably the most common starting time for a new diet or exercise regime. Maybe it’s the thought of being caught in a too-tight bikini or not being able to go shirtless on the beach. Whatever the reason, warm weather spurs many to reevaluate their workout routine. And a Seven Springs College Park apartment is the best place to make the switch. The complex has tennis and basketball courts, a sand volleyball court, walking and jogging trails, and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Opt for the outdoor fitness to sweat more (and burn more calories).


Staycation Tip #3: Make time to connect. It can be easy to sink into a comfortable routine of Netflix, poolside lounging and naps (oh, blessed naps). But summer is when you have time to connect with friends you don’t see much during the school year. Take a trip to your hometown, have coffee with your first-year roommate and take a moment to call your parents just to say you love them.


We hope these ideas and tips will help you make the most of your staycation this summer. Take a tour today to check out all the other amenities at these ROSS College Park apartments.