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The Summer Reading List, Revised

June 19, 2018

Mother And Daughter Sit On Sofa In Lounge Reading Book Together

With these engrossing novels, your kids will be too occupied to wreak havoc in your ROSS Hyattsville apartment

Summer reading has been enemy #3 of kids for generations (just after cafeteria food and The Principal). With this revised list, you can rekindle your child’s interest in reading and maybe keep them off the PlayStation. In addition, we’ve got top rated, recently published novels in every genre, from mysteries to memoirs. Make summer reading in your Hyattsville apartment a fun, family affair with these novels for children and adults.



Nothing will keep you couch-bound like a well-spun mystery. With exciting twists and turns on every page, you’ll speed through these great reads.


For adults, we recommend If I Die Tonight by Alison Gaylin. This award-winning and bestselling author published her newest novel just two months ago. It’s set in a quiet, Hudson Valley town and, as you might guess, things in the area become rapidly less serene as the novel progresses. We’ll say no more, except that you should use your individual thermostat to turn up the temperature in your Hyattsville apartment…because you’re going to get chills.


For kids, Greenglass House by Kate Milford is the way to go. On the surface, the novel explores the mysterious origins and guests of an ancient inn, but its characters (and likely its readers) will learn a lot about their inner selves along the way.


Fantasy and Sci-Fi

These genres cover a lot of ground, from the bizarrely scientific to the truly magical.


Ignite your child’s imagination with A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. Though it’s half a century old, it hits on critical themes like the fight between good and evil, and the struggle for individuality in a conformist culture.


For adults, we recommend the unique book by bestselling author Neal Stephenson and the critically acclaimed Nicole Galland. The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. is described as “a captivating and complex near-future thriller combining history, science, magic, mystery, intrigue, and adventure that questions the very foundations of the modern world.” Wow! It’s a lot, isn’t it. Let’s lighten things up a bit…



The Book With No Pictures recently achieved worldwide fame through the magical power of the Internet. It was written by a well-known actor from The Office, B. J. Novak. Meant to be read by a parent to a child, this book is a truly wild ride, with laughable language, delightful asides and a fully immersive reading experience.


For adults, another nontraditional author, Trevor Noah, brings us Born a Crime. With the same name as one of his comedy specials, this book highlights Noah’s difficult South African childhood, while retelling some of the funnier hijinks he got up to.



Even for well-read adults, biographies and memoirs can seem like a boring genre. However, these books turn that idea on its head. Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved by Kate Bowler may just bring you to tears in the kitchen of your Hyattsville apartment. Despite this, you will love her painstakingly honest tale of struggle.


For your middle-school-aged kid, this next novel will provide an equal amount of insight with significantly less heartbreak. Maya Van Wagenen’s Popular: Vintage Wisdom for a Modern Geek is a totally relatable tale of the search for self-confidence and social acceptance. Send your preteen daughter to the pool with this read and she may come back to your ROSS Hyattsville apartment with a bright new view on life.


With an Overlook or Bedford Station/Victoria Station Hyattsville apartment, you’ll find ample places to read your top picks this summer. Take a tour today and see all the amenities that these beautiful apartments have to offer.