ROSS Companies The Picture-Perfect, Pet-Friendly Apartments of Greenbelt
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The Picture-Perfect, Pet-Friendly Apartments of Greenbelt

May 20, 2015

Picture this: you and your dog wake up Saturday morning. You’re feeling relaxed and refreshed, having finally caught up on your sleep after an exhausting business trip; and your dog is excited to finally have a chance to spend time with you now that you’re home. It’s one of those beautiful, sunny spring days that you know would be wasted if you stayed inside, so you pack up the car and head to Greenbelt Dog Park for a fun morning outdoors.

For residents of ROSS’ pet-friendly apartments in Greenbelt, MD, this is not a picture – it’s reality!

With only a $5 registration, you gain access to the Greenbelt Dog Park, an off-leash dog zone – “the first of its kind in the State of Maryland” – located off of Hanover Parkway, that was “established to help promote responsible pet ownership and enhance canine training, behavior, and safe exercise opportunities.”

Here are ROSS’ top four activity recommendations for the Greenbelt Dog Park:

  1. Unclip their leash. One of the major benefits of the dog park is that there is a small, fenced dog run where you can unclip your dog’s leash, so they can run freely without the worry of them running into traffic. Although most dogs look forward to their daily walk outside of ROSS’ Greenbelt apartments for rent, it’s always a special treat for them to be outside without their leash!
  2. Play fetch. Take a moment to enjoy the simple pleasures in life: birds chirping in the morning, beautiful sunsets at night and playing a game of fetch with your dog on a warm spring day. Not only does this simple pleasure bring you instant joy, but since your dog is doing all of the tiring leg work, you can guarantee that they’ll sleep well at night.
  3. Teach them tricks. The dog park is a great place for you to enjoy quality time with your dog, which provides the opportunity to teach him/her basic but ever-so-helpful tricks like “sit” and “heel.”
  4. Let them play with other dogs. Although dogs do love to play with their owners, it’s always good having them acclimated to playing with other dogs as well. The Greenbelt Dog Park is a great meeting ground for puppy play dates, so that you can guarantee your little loved one is getting plenty of play time with his/her friends.

These are just four of the endless possibilities of enjoyment you and your dog can get from going on a trip to the Greenbelt Dog Park. Leave us a comment on Facebook with any other fun outdoor activities you do with your dog!

Next, go beyond your Facebook world and discover a place that provides you with the ability to foster a happy and healthy loyal companion by taking a tour of ROSS’ apartments in Greenbelt, MD. Your dog will be glad you did!