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The Perfect Party

April 9, 2018

Make your Alexandria, VA, apartment the hot spot this spring season.

These days, entertainment comes easy. You can watch your favorite TV show, sports game or movie anywhere, on any device. With services like Grubhub and SnackSack, you can even have your favorite bites delivered to your doorstep! So, what’s going to get your friends to come to your place? Read on for insider tips and ROSS perks specific to your upcoming shindig.


Girls’ Night…In!

The best ladies’ nights are a perfect blend of excitement, relaxation and inspiration. At The Heritage at Old Town you can start the evening with a totally rockin’ workout in the  fitness center. (Remember, breaking a sweat in the afternoon can actually leave you with more energy than you started with!)

Reward yourself for a job well done with these delicious canapés or try a tasty new punch recipe. Sink down onto your sectional and sink your toes into the plush carpet. Now it’s time for a little spa treatment. Try these DIY face masks or just take a catnap with cucumbers on your eyes. Either way, you’ll come away from the night feeling rejuvenated.


Game Day

Although your Alexandria, VA, apartment doesn’t come with a giant flat screen TV… there’s definitely room for one. Take advantage of the ample walls and spacious interiors by installing a top-notch entertainment system. Add in a big comfy couch and the wall-to-wall carpet, and you’ll be the go-to sports spot for years to come. Lastly, don’t forget to keep your guests fed with these great game day recipes.


Whatever party you’re planning, you’ll keep your friends coming back with all the awesome features and amenities at your Alexandria, VA, apartment. Take a tour today and find your party space.