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The Perfect Kid-Friendly Spring Project

April 9, 2015

Spring has arrived! With that comes more daylight hours after work and school to fill up with fun and engaging activities for your kids.

Since very few children actually enjoy the spring cleaning process of getting behind, beneath and between every inch of your apartment for a good deep cleaning, we propose a different form of freshening your apartment this spring: repainting a piece of wood furniture.

This easy project is perfect to do with kids – or alone; can be done without any power tools; and really adds something special to any room in your ROSS affordable apartment for rent.

Here are detailed instructions on how to begin your DIY project:

1. What you will need before you start this job:

  • Decide which piece of wood furniture in your apartment could most use a fresh coat of paint.
  • Pick up oil-based or shellac-based primer, the perfect color of paint, and a polycrylic or polyurethane clear paint from one of the many paint shops located close to your ROSS affordable apartment.

2. Now that you’ve picked out your perfect piece of wood furniture and all of your supplies have been bought, it’s time to start the painting process.

  • Sand every wood surface down well enough so that the primer will really stick to the wood.
  • Apply one coat of the primer and let it dry for a few hours.
  • Once the primer is completely dry, apply three coats of your perfect paint color to every wood surface on your piece of furniture. Three coats is the magic number because it provides extra protection and durability.
  • After the colored coat has dried, apply four to five coats of the clear paint as a protective top layer.
  • Finally, when the clear paint is completely dry, your fresh, newly painted piece of furniture is ready for daily use.

Take a look at each of our communities’ unique floor plans and map out the perfect place in your new ROSS apartment for rent to put your freshly painted piece of wood furniture.

Then, when you move into one of our ROSS communities, you’ll not only have a new apartment outfitted with fresh furniture; you’ll be living in a great kid-friendly community!