ROSS Companies The Perfect Hyattsville Spring Weekend at Magruder Park
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The Perfect Hyattsville Spring Weekend at Magruder Park

March 20, 2017

The 32 acres of Magruder Park – located on 40th Avenue and Hamilton Street – house a sea of fun-tastic springtime possibilities.

Here are eight different scenarios that prove that a fabulous weekend of family-friendly fun and games for residents of ROSS’ Hyattsville apartments starts with a visit to Magruder Park:

  1. Rent out the picnic pavilion area and host your next child’s birthday – The hardest part about throwing a fantastic children’s birthday is finding the perfect venue. But if you live in one of ROSS’ apartments for rent in Hyattsville, the perfect outdoor party location that provides both room to run around AND bathrooms is right around the corner.
  2. Organize your own basketball tournament – With all of the excitement of March Madness behind us and the NBA Championship coming to an end, the luster of basketball has started to fade away. This is a perfect opportunity for you to give basketball fans a second wind by organizing a few pickup games with you and your friends at Magruder Park!
  3. Let the kiddos burn off some energy at the playground – After a long day at school, being tempted by the outdoors through the classroom windows, children start to produce a source of endless energy. What better way to get your children to sleep at night, than allowing them to run around and burn off their energy during the day, at Magruder Park.
  4. Grab a leash and take your dog for a long walk – As you gaze out of your office window at the clear, sunny day, wishing you were outside enjoying the warm sunrays, just think: your furry friend is at home in your ROSS pet-friendly apartment wishing the exact same thing! Give your animal a treat that you can’t get from a box and take them to Magruder Park, where they can run around and enjoy the sun.
  5. Pump up the tires and go for a long bike ride – After its long winter hibernation, your bicycle is ready to hit the trails. Plan a weekend to take the family for an enjoyable bike ride around Magruder Park. If you’re hitting the path and feeling bold, extend your ride by hooking onto the Northwest Branch Trail.
  6. Pack the rackets and challenge your friends in a doubles match – Tennis is a fun, low-impact, intimate sport that you can play with family and friends. Your matches can be competitive or just for fun, can have two or four people and can be adults vs. kids, moms vs. dads – your choice! With its variety of combinations, tennis provides hours of family fun.
  7. Get the gang together and determine the true volleyball champions – Everyone loves a friendly pickup game of volleyball, so gather your friends and spend the next free weekend playing a few rounds at Magruder Park.
  8. Put on your trunks, grab your goggles and head to the swimming pool – There’s nothing better than the feeling of diving into a cool pool on a hot summer day. Residents of ROSS’ Hyattsville, MD, apartments can reward themselves with this feeling every day at Magruder Park.

Take the time to explore a community that offers quick access to an area of countless possibilities and take a tour of ROSS’ apartments in Hyattsville, Maryland.