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The Best Daytime Dates for May

May 7, 2018

We’ve gathered up some of the best day trips from your military apartment to try this spring with your family.


Call a sitter, because you’ve got places to be, baby! Make things even simpler by leaving your designated caretaker with some ideas on how to entertain the kids. And last but not least, delight your longtime beau with any one of these fun day-date ideas. These all would be great for the family, too!


Go into the city

Washington, DC, is absolutely full of things to do, from beautiful one-of-a-kind places to totally awesome, totally free national monuments. Depending on which of ROSS’ military apartments you live in, you could be in for a delightful stroll, a brand new board game or a divine shopping experience.


Sunset at the Bartholdi Fountain, Washington, D.C.


The U.S. Botanical Gardens are perfect if you’re at one of the ROSS DC area military apartments. A 17-minute drive will take you directly into the city.  And, Park Greene is the ideal starting point for a trip to Union Market.


Hit the road

If you’re not in the mood to trek through the city, you can visit one of several cities and towns near and far that have a lot to offer on their own. Ocean City is a great seaside destination if you live at Charlestowne North military apartments or another one of ROSS’ east DC properties. Whether you do a whole week at the beach or would like to try a day trip, this beach town is an easy 3-hour drive. And if you’re at the Horizon Square military apartments on the north side of town, you can head to the Baltimore National Aquarium for something a little closer. Or, check out this list of off-base road trips for more bright ideas!


Close to home

If you have young ones, it’s totally understandable to want to stay nearby. For a day-date that’s less of a getaway and more just a way to spend some relaxing time with your significant others, the following ideas might work for you. You can take a walk in a local park and bring a picnic set for lounging. You can cook up lunch on the grill or make it an early evening affair with a small bonfire. Support the arts by attending live music or a local gallery opening. Or, if you’re feeling social, start a pickup game of your favorite sport!



Find your perfect day-date this May. There are plenty of fun events near your military apartment right now, so take your pick! Tour all the other ROSS military apartments today to find out what else is in the neighborhood.