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Show Some Terrapins Pride

March 31, 2017

ROSS’ College Park, MD, apartments are totally devoted to making Terps fans feel at home.

The way we see it, both of our basketball teams played hard and gave us an exciting season this year and a whole lot of good reasons to be excited about next year. Cheers to both!

Now, this is the part where we recommend several ideal places for residents of ROSS’ College Park, MD, apartments to watch the remaining games of the tournament with much less at stake. For example:

Cornerstone Grill & Loft (“The Stone”) – 7325 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD 20740

Looney’s Pub – 8150 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD 20740

Buffalo Wild Wings – 10240 Baltimore Avenue, College Park, MD 20740

Those are three outstanding places for Terps fans to meet, greet and eat. But, there’s one more outstanding venue for big-game gatherings: we’re talking about ROSS’ apartments for rent in College Park, and we’ve got a suggestion for how you can keep the party going through all of the future seasons to come.

Whether you’re a long time Terp fan from years past or you’re a second semester freshman wondering why everybody hates Duke, this is a guaranteed way to get the ball rolling and spark a debate that could go on through finals!

Here’s some historical Terps trivia to get you feeling some Terp pride. Sporting News published this list of the top 10 Terps men’s basketball stars of all time:

#10 Steve Blake (’99-’03)

#9 Walt Williams (’88-92)

#8 Greivis Vasquez (’06-’10)

#7 Len Elmore (’71-’74)

#6 Tom McMillen (’71-’74)

#5 Joe Smith (’93-’95)

#4 Albert King (’77-’81)

#3 John Lucas (’72-’76)

#2 Juan Dixon (’99-’02)

#1 Len Bias (’82-’86)

This is when the fun begins, as true fans express their delight/dismay with these rankings. Your watch party will explode with hot button questions like: “Walt Williams? How about Buck Williams?” and “Would Dixon and Blake have won the championship without Wilcox and Baxter?”

So now that everyone’s focused on the true MVPs of college basketball fame, it’s time to join an apartment that makes you feel like an MVP season after season. Take a tour of ROSS’ College Park, MD, apartments today!