ROSS Companies Take Your Laurel, MD, Earth Day Pledge
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Take Your Laurel, MD, Earth Day Pledge

April 20, 2015

Every year on April 22, the birthday of the modern environmental movement is celebrated. This nationally recognized anniversary is commonly known as Earth Day.

This year, take the Laurel, MD, Earth Day pledge, by trying one of these four easy going-green initiatives to clean up this world; because as the Native American proverb states, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

The first way is by registering to join the Adopt-a-Park or Adopt-a-Spot program. This program is perfect for individuals, families, communities or groups and helps beautify and maintain parks and spots in the City of Laurel’s neighborhoods.

Additional Details: Contact the City of Laurel’s Parks and Recreation Department by either phone (301-725-7800) or email (

The second way is by choosing to take public transportation. For many of us, often times the more direct and timely method of transportation is to get in your car and drive to your destination.

However, by budgeting a little extra transportation time into your daily schedule, and choosing to take one of the public transportation options available to ROSS’ apartments in Laurel, we can all help to save the planet.

Additional Details: The public transportation agencies that service Laurel are: Metrobus, RTA bus transit, MARC Train system, MetroAccess and Call-a-Cab. For detailed routes and schedules, feel free to visit the Transportation in Laurel website.

The third way is by walking or biking through Laurel rather than driving. During the city’s expansion, Laurel quickly realized that its “high population density, many retail offerings, expansive public park system, and compact size encourage the accommodation of transportation modes that differ from the omnipresent automobile.” So they set out to create a safe and convenient way for pedestrians and bicyclists to get around town. From this, the City of Laurel Bikeway Master Plan was born.

Additional Details: For the Bikeway Master Plan and the City of Laurel Bike Map visit the City of Laurel Public Works website.

The final way is by simply recycling as many of your paper, plastic, glass and metal products as you can. Yes, choosing to recycle does take a few extra moments in any cleaning-up process, but these moments are mere milliseconds in the grand scheme of things.

Residents of ROSS’ apartments for rent in Laurel, MD, enjoy the perks of curb-side recycling collection and single-stream collection, which means residents no longer have to separate their recyclable materials; they can all be placed into one bin.

Additional Details: Visit their website for both instructions on how to prepare your recycled materials (paper, plastic, glass, metal, etc.) and the recycling map that shows exactly where and when the recycled items will be picked up.

Live in a community that provides its residents with so many easy opportunities to go green and tour ROSS’ apartments in Laurel, MD. Our future generations will thank you!