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Take a Dip at Charlestowne North

August 1, 2017
Charlestowne North Apartments Pool During The Day

Summertime means it’s pool time! Whether you like to suntan poolside or go for a swim, having an onsite pool is not only fun and relaxing, but convenient, too!

The refreshing pool at Charlestowne North’s apartments in Greenbelt, MD, is the perfect place to spend all of the hot summer days approaching us. Why stay in all day avoiding the heat when you could be having fun outside while still cooling off?

There are so many benefits to having an onsite pool but we’ve narrowed it down to our top three:


Cost Effective

There’s no need to drive to a pool and pay for a membership at a gym or community center when there’s a refreshing and free pool right outside your apartment in Greenbelt, MD!

The pool being conveniently nearby AND free of charge comes in handy during these summer months.


At Your Fingertips

The convenience of having an onsite pool gives you the flexibility of when you want to go the pool, whether it’s on a weekday or the weekend.

After all, sometimes you need a little relaxation after a long day of work. What better way to unwind than being poolside?


Ultimate Relaxation

Our pool is perfect for relaxing or having fun. You could read a book or magazine poolside or invite a friend for a game of Marco Polo in the water!

Whether you go alone or with friends and family, you’ll love spending your summer days around our pool.


So bring your towel, sunscreen, swimsuit or swim trunks to the pool, then kick back and relax at our apartments in Greenbelt, Maryland. Don’t let the summer pass you by without experiencing a swim in its sparkling waters!

Our pool is just one of the many features and amenities that could be at your fingertips if you lived here! Contact us to schedule a tour and see what else ROSS’ Charlestowne North Apartments has to offer.