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Take Charge of Your Spring Cleaning

April 9, 2018

How to get your ROSS military apartment spotless this spring.

Spring is a delightful season. The cherry blossoms are blooming. The lengthening sunny afternoons tempt you to stroll slowly down the sidewalk. You walk into your military apartment and throw open the windows. The breeze is refreshing. You take a deep breath. It’s time for spring-cleaning! Whether you love it or hate it, it’s something that has to be done. Make your cleaning time shorter and more enjoyable with these tips.


Play Some Music

You can create a custom playlist to suit your spring-cleaning mood on any number of music platforms. Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and YouTube can be useful for those who know what they want and know technology. Or, you can try a classic throwback. Put on a favorite record or cassette and shake your tail feather.


Get the Kids Involved

Having children help out with household chores is a great way to teach them about responsibility and persistence. Plus (depending on how old they are), it can cut your cleaning time in half! Use these simple tips to make cleaning with your kids a breeze.


Catch the Most-Missed Spots

From the tops of ceiling fans to the bottom of appliances and furniture pieces, there are lots of places in the home that collect dust we never see. Spring is the perfect time to do a deep clean of these spaces. Check out the most commonly missed spots here.


Unclutter Your Closet

The closet may be just the first step on your organization quest. A few popular strategies for uncluttering include sorting items into “buy, keep and sell” piles, starting from one corner of a room and working outwards, and counting the number of times an item is used in a month. Hint: if the answer is never, you don’t need it! Adrienne Breaux from Apartment Therapy offers yet more helpful tips on how to clean your military apartment.


Finish With a Flourish

Now that your military apartment is sparkling, it’s time to add final touches. Making your ROSS apartment feel like home is an ongoing project, but it’s easy to personalize your space with some simple decorative additions.

After a day of hard work, there’s no better feeling than changing out of your work clothes and sitting down to an ice cold glass of lemonade. Enjoy your ROSS military apartment like never before by using the spring-cleaning tips above. Find more lifestyle advice on our blog or tour any of our military apartments today.