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More than a Game: Fun Extras for Super Sunday

February 1, 2018

These ideas will entertain you, your friends, and the kids in your Hyattsville, Maryland, apartment.

For Kids

The smallest children will likely enjoy this football-themed version of hot potato. For kids who are a little older, you can set up a friendly competition, where each child brings their best football or Big Game joke. Have an adult judge or do a secret vote to determine the winner. Jerseys from the competing teams and footballs make great prizes! And for those difficult teenage years, you can always set up a crowd-pleasing video game like Madden or NFL Blitz.


For Everyone

Just reading the description of the game Face Goal will make you laugh out loud. The object is to hike a small foam football through the “goal” (the arms of your partner). Note that this may take several, comical attempts. Another fun game, commercial bingo, is a Super Sunday classic. You can find FREE updated bingo cards from Style Me Pretty here. And don’t forget the snacks! Try these dishes to keep your guests satisfied and enjoying the game. It’s easy when you have a fully equipped kitchen in your ROSS apartment in Hyattsville, Maryland.


For Adults

We propose a twist on a classic TV drinking game. Whichever type of play (or mistake) you decide to track, make sure the strength of your drink matches the frequency of that event. For example, one shot of liquor per touchdown might be reasonable. But, if you’re measuring interceptions, fumbles AND punts, you might want to go for something a lot more mellow (like one sip of beer). Check out this page to see the number of each kind of play in an average NFL game.


Lastly, a friendly wager on the winning team could be quite fun. Consider betting potato chips rather than poker chips or donating the proceeds to charity. However you decide to celebrate the big game, you can trust that your guests will be comfortable in your Hyattsville, Maryland, apartment. Take a tour today and see what your game day would look like at ROSS’ Overlook Apartments or Bedford Station Apartments/Victoria Station Apartments.