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Summer’s Not Over ‘Til You Say It’s Over

September 18, 2017

When you live in ROSS’ apartments for college students, the first day of classes isn’t the last day of outdoor activities in the DC area.

First of all, the autumnal equinox marking the official end of summer doesn’t occur until – what’s that you say, earth science majors? – Friday, September 22? And while you’re at it, what’s the average temperature around here in September? Mid-70’s to low 80’s?! And that usually lasts well into October?!?! REALLY?!?!?!

Alright, listen up. Summer may not be endless but there’s still enough of it left (and lingering a while after that) to make the most of the incredible variety of outdoor activities to be enjoyed in the vicinity of the nation’s capital. Hey! If all you did in college was study, nobody would go, right? So put the books down, put your shades on and go play outside. Here are some suggestions to get you started.



If you have a bike, pedal over to Gravelly Point Park, just off the Mt. Vernon Trail and the G.W. Memorial Parkway, to watch (and hear!) the big jets coming and going right over your head from Reagan National Airport. And if you don’t have a bike, rent one. It’s worth it.



DC is a city of monuments, iconic landmarks known all over the world. Ahhh, but in the first blush of morning light, they take on a mystical glow that can’t be duplicated any other time of the day. Take your alarm clock into unknown temporal territory and beat the sun to the National Mall.



No stair stepper? No worries! The Watergate steps are all the challenge you need to kickstart your cardio routine. And when you get tired of the ups and downs of the stairs, find a pick-up volleyball game in one of the pits at nearby Potomac Park.



And it’s gonna be great! Because this year, you’re going to spend some of it exploring the magnificent, truly awe-inspiring features of Great Falls Park, where 800 acres of scenic parkland consisting of hiking trails, cascading rapids and spectacular waterfalls await your viewing (and hiking) pleasure!



There’s a lot of meaningful baseball yet to be played as the Nats battle their way into late October and the World Series, so get yourself a ticket and a beer, and a brat and a cheer, for the Washington Nationals!

It’s always summer somewhere and right now it’s right here. So make it your coolest summer ever by checking into ROSS’ affordable apartments for college students! Take a tour today…and give yourself a 4-point for seasonal smarts.