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A Summer of Sustainability

June 26, 2019
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It’s no secret that eco-friendly products are up and coming. Taking care of our planet is increasingly emphasized, as the importance of preservation and conservation comes to light. Younger generations are spearheading this movement through a combination of innovative thinking and advanced technology. Consider yourself a tree hugger? Read on to discover a few easy ways to help the environment-friendly movement from the comfort of one of our ROSS college apartments.

Say “Bye-Bye!” To the Plastic Bottle

You’ve probably heard this one before. Surveys estimate a United States discard rate of 1,500 plastic bottles every second—that’s 38 million every year in the U.S. alone! Unlike many complicated environmental challenges, this one has an easy fix. Head to any local supermarket and find a reusable water bottle, or customize a stylish one online. It isn’t just the earth that will thank you. This choice will save you both the money, and the time putting that pack of plastic in your cart at the market. It may also be the healthier choice. Plastic water bottles have the potential to leach harmful chemicals into the water they hold, especially when exposed to high temperatures (i.e., a hot day at the beach, or extended periods of time in the trunk of a car). Keep your cold liquids colder and hot liquids hotter with reusable insulated water bottles. Your wallet, your body, and the Earth will thank you!

Sharing is Caring

The order of efficiency in the well-known eco-friendly phrase is reduce, then reuse, then recycle. If you can’t cut the usage of harmful products out completely, try sharing to decrease rates overall. Carpool to class or work instead of driving separately. Or, better yet, take a ride on the mother of all carpooling… public transportation! Hop on the Metro instead of getting behind the wheel for your morning commute to make a small but effective change. It will give you the freedom to catch up on a good book or listen to that album you’ve been meaning to hear instead of focusing on the road.

Cut Consumption

Mindfulness is key in the fight for our planet. Flick the lights off every time you leave a room. Make a 7-minute playlist of your favorite tunes to play when you hop in the shower… it will serve as a timer! Other small changes like opening a window to let in a breeze instead of turning on the air conditioning, and washing clothes in cold water instead of hot can have substantial differences in energy consumption with little-to-no effect on us as users.

Whether it’s buying a better bottle, sharing a ride, or using a little less electricity, taking actions to benefit the Earth have a way of benefitting us in return. It can save money, and provide a sense of appreciation for the fresh air you are helping to protect when you take a step outside your ROSS apartment and breathe in. Take a tour today to see the locations conveniently located for all lovers of our planet.