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Stay In Shape This Summer

July 24, 2018
Fitness instructor with young man doing push-ups on Swiss ball at gym

Take advantage of the fitness facilities at ROSS’ Alexandria apartments

Summer offers many temptations. Cold, delicious ice cream. Afternoons lounging by the pool. That comfortable haze that descends upon us in the warmer months beckons us toward laziness. Battle summer temptations with these killer workout tips!

Swap Your Treadmill for an Elliptical

The Heritage at Old Town Alexandria apartments have a convenient fitness center and great cardio equipment. But there’s one machine you’re probably overlooking: the elliptical. Not only is it easier on your joints, it can actually be used to increase your stride length.

Beat Boring with These Body Weight Exercises

Boredom is the biggest complaint of any regular gym-goer. How many bicep curls can you do in a row before you never want to workout again? Does jogging in place for an hour give you a real sense of satisfaction? Swap your regular routine for some creative moves like the Superman Pull, Curtsy Lunges and Inchworms. They’re exactly as silly-looking as you imagine but much harder to execute.

Take Your Workout to the Next Level with Stability Balls

Stability balls are aptly named. The number one advantage of using them is that they help you develop full-body strength and balance. Improve your core stability with the Plank-to-Pike or Lower Back Extension. Go ball-to-wall to progress towards that one-legged squat or do balanced pushups to increase upper body strength.

Now that you’re armed with these tips and have access to a fitness center, go forth and conquer! Take a tour today and see what other amenities our Alexandria apartments have to offer.