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Stay Cool With These Sweet Treats

July 31, 2018
Smiling Teenage Friends Eating Ice Cream and Holding Cones in Hands

Your Silver Spring apartment puts you next door to Downtown’s best summer desserts.

What better way to celebrate National Ice Cream Month than go out and support a local scoop shop? Invite some friends, scoop up the kids and make this summer afternoon a memorable one. Read on for the top four ice cream spots you can drive to from your ROSS Silver Spring apartment.


This family-owned scoop shop is a great place to go for fun new flavors. Delightfully named twists on classic flavors like Strawberries and Cream, and Bittersweet Chocolate fill Moorenko’s freezers. This rich, creamy ice cream also comes in more groundbreaking, sophisticated flavors for all the old souls. Honey Lavender, Crème Fraîche, and Balsamic and Fig all appear on the colorful chalkboard menu. The best part? You can buy a pint at the local grocers and enjoy it in the comfort of your Silver Spring apartment.

Tropical Ice Cream Café

Although they’re just blocks apart, these first two ice cream parlors couldn’t be more different. Tropical Ice Cream Café shares Moorenko’s tasty array of fun flavors, but it offers a more down-to-earth experience. Its bright overhead sign and innocently happy logo portray the simple joys provided inside. Share a banana split with the family or get a sundae all for yourself!

Dolci Gelati

This aptly named little shop provides the Italian version of American ice cream and sherbet: gelato and sorbet. And, according to their website, it’s an important difference! Much like the other shops on this list, Dolci Gelati offers a wide array of flavors, which you can sort through by location (each location has its own specific menu), the closest being in nearby Takoma Park. Enjoy a scoop or cone of this Italian treat on the benches nearby. (This artsy neighborhood is full of artistic seats!)

The Baked Bear

The Baked Bear is a short hop from any Silver Spring apartment but it’s definitely worth the trip. Without going into the city (the shop is in a Bethesda suburb), you can get some of the best ice cream and baked goods in the DMV. And who doesn’t love a warm chocolate chip cookie on a pillow of creamy vanilla? This chain is nationwide, so it’s got the expertise to provide consistent, high-quality deliciousness.

Now you’ve got four great ice cream options for four different occasions. It’s the perfect excuse to get your fill this National Ice Cream Month. If you love being steps away from yummy treats, shopping and entertainment, tour a ROSS Silver Spring apartment today and start building a sweet home for yourself.