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Silver “Spring” Cleaning

April 30, 2018

Use these four simple tips to make your Silver Spring apartment sparkle.

It’s that time again…Spring Cleaning (dun, dun, duuunn). But, there’s no need to be afraid. There are four simple tips that will save you a lot of elbow grease this year. You’ll get your cleaning done in a snap and still have energy for more! For the final touch, add a vase of fresh flowers in the hall and open up the bedroom windows, so you can bask in the warm spring breeze.


Plush carpet is one of the best everyday luxuries you can have in an apartment. It’s soft on your feet and it looks great, which is why we have it in ROSS’ Silver Spring apartments. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest surfaces to clean.

Good news! offers some helpful year-round tips on how to keep your shag or plush carpet clean. For a deep clean, hiring a professional is obviously best. However, it’s fairly easy to do it yourself with the right equipment. In fact, you can rent a carpet cleaner from Home Depot for just $22 for four hours. See this video by the Rug Doctor for detailed instructions.

Stunning Hardwood

Washing wood is something that most people get wrong; but, after reading this article, you’ll know the secret! Steam cleaning is common practice but it will eventually warp your wood floors, no matter how rarely you do it. Hand-washing with warm water and soap is a safer but much more time-consuming route. Instead, invest in a soft cloth mop and some wood oil. Buying Tip: The longer the handle and the wider the mop head, the less time it’ll take you to clean all the wood floors in your Silver Spring apartment at Cole Spring Plaza.


Kitchen Corners

This room inevitably has the most forgotten places when it comes to spring cleaning. Getting an arm behind big appliances or under objects you rarely move can be difficult. Check out these tips on kitchen cleaning by HouseLogic. And, if you live in Colesville Towers, you can get your gas range shining in no time with this great advice from The Creek Line House blog.

Soaking Tub Scrubbing

Every Metro 710 Silver Spring apartment comes with a large soaking tub. It’s the perfect place to sink into relaxation after a long day of spring cleaning. But first, you need to get it clean, too! Luckily, Snapguide has a how-to for cleaning your tub the easy way.


With these four tips, you can help your home fulfill its true potential. Not sure where to start? Explore another Silver Spring apartment by ROSS today and get inspired!