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Socializing After Syllabus Week

September 12, 2018
Young multi-ethnic friends eating fast food and playing video games

These are the simplest ways to entertain in your College Park apartment.

Syllabus week is the perfect time for getting to know new people, making exciting plans and seeing how you and your friends’ new schedules fit together. But, once the homework hits, how will you make time for fun? Use the tips below to make entertaining in your College Park apartment simple.


Make It a Pot Luck

Nobody wants to spend hours prepping food for a party that’s over in just one night. Even if you have a well-equipped kitchen and plenty of space, it’s a hassle. Instead of catering your own party, make it a pot luck! People will bring food they like (so you won’t accidentally offend a vegetarian or disappoint a carnivore) and it’ll be much less expensive for you. If your guests plan to bring an entrée or two, you can splurge for a few bottles of nice wine and skip the BYOB.


DJ, Don’t Decorate

Themes can be fun, especially around Halloween. But usually, you’re better off perfecting your playlist than decking out your apartment. People want music they can dance to and an atmosphere that’s comfortable. Consider which lighting, furniture arrangement and tunes will create the most dynamic environment.


Attend Other People’s Events

The simplest hack for socializing on a time budget? Go to events someone else put together! This is true for house parties, karaoke nights and bar crawls. If a friend is hosting a weekly get-together, don’t feel compelled to take a turn playing host. Bring food, drinks or a prettily wrapped host gift to show your appreciation.


There you have it! The top three ways to socialize after syllabus week. If you’re hosting a bash at your College Park apartment, remember to DJ instead of decorating and make it BYOF (bring your own food) instead of BYOB. Looking for a better place for entertaining? Tour one of our spacious College Park apartments today.