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Simplify Your Life This January

January 2, 2019
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These tips will help you and your Silver Spring apartment recover from the holidays.

As much as the holidays can be hectic, what follows might be even worse. Your in-laws are gone and the kids are finally asleep, but they’ve left your Silver Spring apartment in quite a state. Make the post-holiday months simpler and less stressful with these easy to execute ideas.

Speed Up Your Gift Returns  

The top tips for making gift returns go faster and more smoothly are not what you think. For one, opting for an in-person return might be better than using an online system. If you’ve lost the receipt for a gift, or you’d like some kind of exception on your return, going in person can make a big difference in terms of getting what you need. Go first thing in the morning when retail workers are fresh-faced, bring an ID just in case, and remember to be kind. For employees who just finished working the holiday season, the post-holiday return-a-thon can feel like the second wave of war. Be as kind and patient as possible with them, and try to remember that they’re probably just as stressed as you are.

Clean Your Apartment As You Go

Leaving everything until the last minute is generally a bad idea. And, as it turns out, it’s not a good idea in the case of holiday cleaning either. If you let holiday wrapping, used paper plates, and confetti pile up around you, it’ll take hours if not days to clean up come January. Instead, stop every hour or two and do a quick sweep of the house. This includes throwing away wrapping and ribbons, washing dishes, and stowing sweet treats in airtight containers far from the pets. At the end of each day, have children return their own toys to their bedrooms to tidy up.

Pack Things Away Mindfully

Although it can be tempting to throw everything in a box and dump it in the basement or garage until next year, there are some packing strategies that will serve you better. Try sorting holiday decorations by the room they’re displayed in, using multiple smaller boxes instead of one large one. Consider storing special occasion dishware, napkins, table runners, etc. in the same place, rather than sorting them by purpose. Lastly, consider buying a plastic ornament organizer so you can store all tree ornaments in the same place, rather than returning each set to its own small box.

Hopefully, these tips will help you keep the mess manageable this January. Treat your Silver Spring apartment with the care it deserves. After all, it’s a ROSS apartment. Discover what makes a ROSS apartment special today by taking a tour.