ROSS Companies Simple and Healthy Winter Recipes to Cook in ROSS Student Apartments
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Simple, Healthy Meals to Keep You Fueled and Focused

February 7, 2018

These easy recipes are perfect to prepare in student apartments.

Cut through the influx of faux food trends (apparently people already making predictions for 2018) and focus on simple and healthy with these five recipes. Whether you enjoy impressing friends with sophisticated meals or most of your food comes out of a microwave, there’s a dish here for you. Let us help you keep your New Year’s resolution.

For breakfast, we recommend a simple bowl of oatmeal. It’ll keep you warm on those frosty winter mornings and keep your tummy grumbles at bay for hours. Better Homes and Gardens offers a great beginner’s guide for cooking it and it’s rich in almost everything that’s good for you, from fiber to protein. Add a side of grapefruit with sugar to make it a complete meal.

If you’re replacing three large meals with smaller ones throughout the day, our sweet potato recipe is a perfect choice. Although they cook for a long time, sweet potatoes require minimal prep. Bake one batch and pop single servings in the microwave all week. Winter is potato season and considering how much more nutritious and delicious the sweet potato is compared to its regular cousin, it’s a great alternative.

For lunch, we propose a Swiss chard salad. This recipe is the perfect way to use any extra sweet potato and it’s a low-calorie, nutrition-packed powerhouse. Salad is a simple food you can make in any of the kitchens in ROSS’ student apartments. But for University of Richmond students at the Hampstead Apartments (down where the fall lasts longer and summer comes sooner), this cold lunch is a particularly good choice.

Farther north, a hot soup dinner will thaw some of the winter chill. This lentil and vegetable stew is quick and easy. You won’t have to go out to the store and buy a whole new set of spices for your student apartment. One batch serves two but it’s easily doubled or quadrupled, so you can have meals all week. For the committed Marylanders at Charleston North and Seven Springs Apartments, crab can easily be added to this dish. No Old Bay, though. Just don’t.

For the finale, we have a scrumptious replacement for apple pie, which probably has more butter in a single slice then you should eat in a day.

This pear, apple and quinoa crisp is perfect for DC students who are accustomed to Georgetown’s top-notch bakeries. Served on its own or á la mode, this recipe makes a delightful dessert and a yummy breakfast. Bake even better with the fully equipped kitchens at The Heritage at Old Town.

No matter which of ROSS’ student apartments you’re interested in, you can schedule a tour today! Come check out our eat-in kitchens, brand new appliances, and beautiful counters and cabinets.