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How Silver Spring Celebrates Pi Day

March 9, 2016

Popularized in San Francisco in 1988, Pi Day has since then spread into a nationwide phenomenon. Each year, March 14 (a date representing the first three digits of pi) is used as a fun excuse to celebrate interpretations of one of the most common constants in all of mathematics.

For the resident of ROSS’ Silver Spring, Maryland, apartments, the celebration of pi can happen at one of these perfect pizzerias, serving up the best pies in town!

  1. Pacci’s Neapolitan Pizzeria
    1. Pros: “The first bite of pizza transported my mouth back to Italy!  Superb!  It’s hard to eat pizza elsewhere knowing that this place exists.” – Katie C.
    2. Cons: The weather has been so unpredictable; we can’t guarantee that the evening you make it to a delicious dinner here, the outside patio will be the best option.
    3. Location: 8113 Georgia Ave., Silver Spring, MD
  2. Pete’s New Haven Style Apizza
    1. Pros: “Their pizza here is fantastic. Ingredients from local farms and made with care. Their minced garlic, pepperoni and sausage pizza is as good as it gets. The margherita pizza and Caesar salad is also top shelf. Don’t forget to enjoy their desserts. This is one of the best pizza places in the DC area.” – Eric L.
    2. Cons: You’re probably pronouncing the name wrong. Apizza is pronounced as a-BEETS!
    3. Location: 962 Wayne Ave. (at Georgia Ave.), Silver Spring, MD 20910
  3. Italian Kitchen
    1. Pros: “We stopped here on a Saturday night right before closing and ordered a XL cheese with spinach. The cheese was oozing with flavor and the spinach was very fresh. The tomato sauce was light, which I like, didn’t overpower the pizza like some pizza joints. My girlfriend and her family are usually really picky about pizza, but they loved it so much they said they will be back the next day!” – Brian A.
    2. Cons: After your enjoyment on Pi Day, you may have a tough time convincing your family to eat anywhere else.
    3. Location: 8201 Fenton St., Silver Spring, MD 20910

After you celebrate math’s most common constant, come and discover a community where exceptional apartment living is a constant you can count on. Take a tour of ROSS’ Silver Spring, Maryland, apartments today.