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Silver Spring’s Greatest Winter Tradition

February 11, 2016

Many people celebrate winter traditions that date back generations. To some, nothing screams winter like a big mug of hot cocoa from that special spot you used to go with grandma; to others, winter isn’t over until they’ve thrown a snowball.

For the residents of ROSS’ Silver Spring apartments, winter shouldn’t be complete until they’ve gone ice skating at Veterans Plaza.

The rink is located at 8523 Fenton Street, near ROSS’ downtown Silver Spring apartments. A two-hour adult ticket is $9, children 12 and under, and senior citizens 55 and up, are $8.

For the residents who are new to the Silver Spring area or those who’ve never been ice skating at Silver Spring’s Outdoor Ice Skating Rink, here are four tips for a memorable day:

  1. Go with family and friends – the more the merrier!
  2. Stop by one of Silver Spring’s restaurants – Downtown Silver Spring offers a wide variety of dining options, making it easy to find the perfect cuisine your whole group will enjoy after your ice skating adventure.
  3. Pop into a few shops – Make a day of your trip by heading over and doing a little shopping.
  4. Take advantage of free parking!

Once you’ve finished spending a truly memorable day at Silver Spring’s Outdoor Ice Skating Rink at Veterans Plaza, head home to a place where lasting memories are made daily. Take a tour of ROSS’ Silver Spring apartments today!