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Savor Daylight Savings With Your Military Discount

March 11, 2019

Five places to use your military discount with more time for fun on your hands

Why not have the best of both worlds? Just because there is more time to do more activities, does not mean you have to spend more. Luckily, being in the military and living in the DMV area means there are tons of ways to stay active and engaged without breaking the bank! With all these events to experience, we put together a short list of places to go and things to see in the area that offer a military discount.  

Mount Vernon Estate and Gardens

If the Estate felt too crowded on Presidents’ Day, then later this spring is the perfect time to head over to visit President Washington’s home. When you plan your visit, make sure to include a late morning or early evening run down the Mount Vernon Trail. This trail spans 18 miles, from the Mount Vernon Estate to Theodore Roosevelt Island. Whether you start or end your trip at the Estate, you are eligible to receive $4 off of your general admission ticket with your military ID.

Maryland State Parks

Enjoy the outdoors with a sunrise or sunset run at any of the Maryland State Parks free of charge with your military ID. After your workout, spend some extra time outside doing the various activities the state parks offer: boating, camping, fishing, hunting, and more. If you’re looking for more company, invite your friends and family to meet you for a picnic!

Strathmore Concerts

Military members are invited to receive 10% off of their musical experience at Strathmore in Bethesda. From classical to jazz, Harry Potter to Les Miserables, Strathmore hosts a wide variety of musical performances throughout the spring. 

Historic Jamestowne

All active duty military members receive free access to the James Fort, otherwise known as one of the first English settlements in America. Spring is the perfect time to spend learning more about this fort’s complicated history on the James River. Explore the grounds with an expert archaeologist and park ranger to unravel the mysteries, theories, and archeological challenges discovered throughout the Jamestowne rediscovery project.

MLB Opening Day

On March 28, wrap up the month at Opening Day in Nationals Park. That’s right! This season is groundbreaking with its earliest start to date. Looks like it’s time to start reading up on this season’s predicted favorites and get started on your stat watching with friends and family. Oh, did we mention military personnel receive an additional 28% off? Happy Daylight Savings!

With all of these spring events, it’s hard to imagine spending the extra daylight inside! Every activity offers the opportunity to create unforgettable memories. So lace up, pack a day bag, and be sure to write down and reflect on the events you loved the most. That way, when you make the move to one of ROSS’ conveniently located military apartments, you can invite friends to join you! Not sure about the move yet? Take a tour today to find all the motivation you need.