ROSS Companies ROSS’ Guide to Epic Dog Park Adventures
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ROSS’ Guide to Epic Dog Park Adventures

December 1, 2017

The warm weather of summer has everyone itching to get outside, including your dog. It doesn’t matter if you plan to go somewhere special or just plan to stay near your ROSS’ Alexandria apartment for rent, being able to enjoy the outdoors makes for a happy group.

ROSS’ pet-friendly apartments for rent provide quick and easy access to over 18 dog parks. But first, there are a few steps to remember when heading to any one of them. To help you, here is ROSS’ guide to your next epic dog park adventure.

To begin, there are a few things you should never leave without:

  1. Treats – One of the greatest ways to train a dog is with positive reinforcement. Even dogs who are trained well, enjoy a “good job” treat every once in a while. Bring along some tasty treats for your dog so that you can not only reward them for their good behavior, but also keep them from getting hungry while running around.
  2. The Leash – As a resident of ROSS’ Alexandria apartments, you know the value of keeping your dog on a leash. Even if you’re headed to one of the many off-leash parks in Alexandria, you’re still going to need to have them on a leash until they get inside of the gated area, to help contain their excitement and over-stimulation.
  3. Doggie Waste Bag – Everybody poops and dogs are no exception. Be sure to come to the dog park prepared with a supply of spare doo-doo bags to ensure you have plenty to clean up the mess when it happens. It’s hard enough to clean off of your shoe when you step in it; but it’s even harder to clean up when your pooch runs through it with all four paws!

Next, pick one of the many on- or off-leash dog parks to go to. If you’re having trouble, here are ROSS’ top four suggestions:

  1. The Heritage at Old Town’s Fenced Dog Park

    Who – Exclusively for The Heritage at Old Town residents.

    Where – 431 South Columbus St.,Alexandria, VA 22314

  2. Duke Street Dog Park

    Who – Alexandria pet owners and their friends who prefer to have their pets exercise in a closed, fenced-in area.

    Where – 5000 block of Duke St., Alexandria,VA 22312

  3. Founders Park

    Who – Alexandria pet owners and their friends who want to enjoy the park without disturbing other park-goers.

    Where – 351 North Union St., Alexandria,VA 22314

  4. Fort Williams Park

    Who – This is also for Alexandria residents and their friends who know they can safely enjoy an off-leash dog park.

    Where – 501 Fort Williams Pkwy., Alexandria, VA 22304

Finally, here are a few rules and regulations that apply to Alexandria city parks and dog exercise areas. Remember them when visiting any of the amazing dog parks near ROSS’ apartments in Alexandria, Virginia:

  1. All dogs must be under the owner’s/handler’s control and only three dogs per person (owner/handler) are allowed.
  2. Only dogs four months and older are allowed in public areas.
  3. Dogs must be legally licensed, vaccinated and wearing both current tags.
  4. Dog owners/handlers must keep their dog(s) in view at all times.
  5. Dog owners/handlers must immediately pick up and dispose of, in trash receptacles, all dog feces; and are legally responsible for their dog(s) and any injury or damage to facilities caused by them.
  6. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult when inside a fenced dog park. Also, food is not allowed inside the fenced dog park, but non-alcoholic beverages are.

No matter which Alexandria dog park you decide to venture to, you and your fuzzy-faced buddy are sure to come away with a ton of lasting memories.

Here’s a fun idea: tell us about one of your own epic dog park adventures, either in a comment to our Facebook page or in person, when you tour ROSS’ Alexandria apartment communities. We’re all ears and panting with anticipation!