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Reach New Heights in Laurel, MD

September 21, 2015

Now that school has started, your children have entered a learning mode. Some kids may love the idea of this mode where they love going to school each day and getting to use their new school supplies; others may not.

That’s not to say you can’t make learning fun for everyone! Try one of these mind and skill-expanding family-friendly activities near ROSS’ apartments in Laurel to show your kids that you don’t need to be in a classroom to learn something new.

  1. Dinosaur Park
    1. The Buzz – “This is a really rare site with fossils from the Cretaceous Period (144 to 65 million years ago) and the conditions have been just right to preserve the fossils. You get a brief overview of the history of the site, the different types of fossils discovered there, and what to look for and then you are sent out on your own to look for fossils. Plenty of trained volunteers and an awesome paleontologist, who is absolutely everything you want him to be, are on hand to help you figure out if you found a super awesome petrified dinosaur bone that will be sent to the Smithsonian’s collection with your name attached or just a stupid rock. Great for all ages!” – Becca R.
    2. What it’s all about – “Walk the same grounds the dinosaurs did millions of years ago; discover secrets of Maryland’s prehistoric past.”
  2. ClimbZone
    1. The Buzz – “If I could give this place 10 stars, I would. I took my 12 year old and three year old twins here today and they LOVED it. You get roughly 3 hours to play and climb (there are also bounce houses for those unable or not interested in climbing). There are snacks available for purchase and if you’re military they offer a really great discount. Cannot wait to take the kids back!” – Jennika C.
    2. What it’s all about – “Climb to new heights and unleash your adventurous side at ClimbZone, America’s ultimate indoor climbing center.”
  3. Terrapin Adventures
    1. The Buzz – “I went here for a friend’s birthday celebration (group of 6) and really enjoyed myself. The staff was very friendly & funny the whole time while we were [there]. They really care about the safety of their customers and that’s awesome of course. It’s an experience everyone should try at least once in [their] life!!! I would definitely go back again.” – Karon W.
    2. What it’s all about – “Visit us at Terrapin Adventures to soar through the air, defy gravity, and enjoy Outdoor Adventures!”

Whether you expand your knowledge by digging up some dinosaur history, learn how to climb to that next tier or conquer your fear of heights by swinging down the zip line, Laurel, MD, is a place where you can constantly challenge yourself to grow.

Live in an exceptional apartment community where you can spend your time expanding your mind and reaching new heights! Start with a tour of ROSS’ apartments in Laurel today!