ROSS Companies Quirky Cold Desserts To Make At Your Affordable Apartment
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Quirky Cold Desserts

June 20, 2018

Selection of gourmet flavours of Italian ice cream in vibrant

Easy to make summer treats you can prepare in your ROSS affordable apartment

There’s something to be said for a classic ice cream sandwich or a colorful, cardboard-enclosed push pop. Summer is a nostalgic time for many of us, and it brings joy to share those cherished moments with our family and friends at your own affordable apartment.


But, at some point, you have to put your foot down and say, “No more chocolate ice cream!” At least, if you’re the adult you do. And maybe your kids will just beg you even more insistently. Therefore, it’s for your own sanity that we suggest trying out these pleasantly divergent desserts.


Frozen Key Lime Pie

You’ve probably never had key lime pie at this temperature, but it’s a recommendable twist on the traditional recipe. The pie maintains its creamy smooth texture, rich flavors and its crust’s crunch. It also gains the benefit of a cool feel on the palate. And lastly, no need to worry about all the baking dishes, because your affordable apartment is outfitted with a dishwasher and all-new appliances.


Sweet and Salty Ice Cream

This is a recipe your kids can help you with (and older kids can make on their own). It’s a delightful blend of sweet, creamy caramel and the salty crunch of chocolate-covered pretzels! Switch up the flavors to create your own mix-in combinations. You can try a cinnamon ice cream sprinkled with chocolate-covered espresso beans. Or, for a zero-caffeine option, try a blueberry ice cream with crumbled Chex mix.


Belgian Waffle Sandwiches

This deceptively simple recipe is absolutely drool-worthy. Simplify it by using Eggo-style toaster waffles and store-bought ice cream. Or, opt to make both from scratch for an even more personal touch. Try making a custom flavor like blueberry lemon or pumpkin orange. Enjoy this slightly sticky dish in the eat-in kitchen at your affordable apartment.


White Chocolate Orange Creamsicle Truffles

Although its name is long, this recipe is quite short. It’s a new take on the classic creamsicle flavor of your childhood. For a healthier treat, pair the truffles with real orange slices or a glass of cold milk.


Rice Pudding Ice Pops

These popsicles are exactly what they’re called! If you’re a fan of the rice pudding flavor, try these pops for a cooler, portable treat this summer. With the fully equipped kitchen in your affordable apartment, it should be a piece of cake.


Pick one or two of these recipes to try out at your affordable apartment this summer. It’s a great change of pace and a fun way to enjoy all the wonderful features of your kitchen. Take a tour of an affordable apartment by ROSS today and see all the other amenities it has to offer.