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Put Some (Silver) Spring in Your Step

July 6, 2017

With a world of destinations within walking distance of the Metro station, you can’t beat ROSS’ Downtown Silver Spring, MD, apartments for convenience.

In the years that followed the completion of the first transcontinental railroad in 1869, many small towns sprang up at key junctions along the tracks, centered around the train stations there. Cut to present-day Silver Spring and its Red Line Metro station. In this case, the town came first, then the station was built in the heart of it.

But it’s not history that matters to residents of ROSS’ apartments in downtown Silver Spring, MD. It’s geography – the way you can easily walk from the Metro station to Downtown Silver Springs’ incredible wealth of things to do and see. ROSS’ Metro 710 community, Cole Spring Plaza community, and Colesville Towers community are near things like:


A short hop to shop!

There are plenty of boutiques and stores that are unique in Downtown Silver Spring. But, for ultimate convenience, Ellsworth Place Mall brings them all together, from shoe repair to banking to mani-pedis to hairstyling to – did we mention shopping and dining?


Dine near the Red Line!

Sorry, but there are just too many restaurants, cafés, bistros, fast casuals, coffee shops and bars to mention, so we chose one at random. Urban Butcher is all about meat. They claim their rib steak – dry-aged in-house for 60 days – is “the best steak in the DC area”. We’ll let you be the judge.


Hiking and biking to your liking!

After all that wining and dining, don’t let a few extra pounds have you pining (sorry, we couldn’t resist). The Metropolitan Branch Trail is there for nice days and on not-so-nice days, you can join a spin class at CYCLED! Boutique Cycling Studio. No worries: plenty of sweat.


Say hi to AFI!

Its full name is AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center and it’s described as “a state-of-the-art moving image exhibition, education and cultural center…presenting an unprecedented variety of film and video programming, augmented by filmmaker interviews, panels, discussions…and other events…”


Walk less to Fillmore!

“For more than 40 years, the legendary Fillmore name has stood as the link between some of the most influential artists in music and their fans. With a capacity of 2,000, the newest Fillmore offers an array of diverse live music programming…in the heart of Downtown Silver Spring…” ‘Nuff said.


Whatever you’re looking for in downtown Silver Spring, MD, apartments with convenient locations, ROSS has it. Finding the ROSS community that’s perfect for you is just a – walk in the park! Come and take a tour today.