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Preparing for Finals Season

April 18, 2019

Arguably the most stressful time of college is finals season. Don’t reach the point where you’re sleep deprived, haven’t eaten a decent meal, or left your college apartment in days. Here are a few tips and tricks to prepare for finals season and make sure you ace your classes.


Form a Study Group

If you already have a study group in your class from past exams, reach out to them. If not, it’s not too late to make one. Ask around your classes and see if anyone would be interested in getting together to study. Study groups are great for making studying more fun and hopefully feeling more prepared.


Make a Study Plan

Study group or not, a study plan is crucial. With exams multiple days in a row or even two exams on the same day, having a plan of when to study for each will ensure you use your time efficiently. Make a plan of when you will study each subject and for how long. This will help to keep your studying on track and make sure you’re giving more time to your harder classes.


Find Your Best Study Place

Throughout the semester, you’ve probably studied in various places. Think back to where you were most productive and focused. Finals season is the time to hit the books hard, so you need an environment conducive to learning. Whether it’s your local coffee shop, college apartment, or library, figure out where is best for you.


Take Care of Yourself

During a stressful time like finals, it is very important to get enough sleep. You will study and perform better on your exams if you are not sleep deprived. So include time for sleeping in your study plan. Also, make sure you are eating well. If you won’t have time to cook during finals week think about meal prepping beforehand in your college apartment kitchen. This way you can grab already made food and bring it with you to study.


Take Time to De-stress

Even finding an hour where you aren’t worrying about your exams will help you to de-stress. Consider meditating to relax yourself or take a yoga class. Find your own way to de-stress and make sure you give yourself time to unwind during finals season.


These tips will help to make you more productive, healthy, and prepared for finals season. And when finals are over, stop by to tour our college apartments for next year.