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Perfect Recipes for the Last Weekend of Summer

August 27, 2018
A multi-ethnic group of young men and women are outdoors at a backyard barbecue. They are wearing casual clothing. It is sunny. They are eating hot dogs and salad

These dishes are perfect to prep in your Silver Spring apartment and bring to a cookout.

The gang is getting back together for one last hurrah before the summer is over. But what will you eat? We’ve five recipes that will bring interest, and probably some impressed expressions, to your next cookout.


A Caprese with Beef

Caprese salad is an end-of-summer classic. Thick slices of juicy tomatoes, the last of the season, and fresh mozzarella make up its base. Add a dash of salt and pepper, a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic, and garnish with a few freshly picked basil leaves. For meat lovers, you can add thinly sliced grilled beef and make pressed sandwiches.


Cocktail or Cocktail?

There aren’t many appetizers as iconic as the shrimp cocktail. Deliciously fresh and juicy seafood, paired with a slightly spicy, totally flavorful sauce? Not to mention those adorable little glasses! Try making individual servings in shot glasses, for added fun. Or, you can take things a different route altogether, with a real cocktail. Margaritas are a summer classic and a refreshing Paloma can do wonders for the summertime soul. Pick your poison and enjoy it on the patio of your Silver Spring apartment.


Another Kind of Potato Salad

Sweet potatoes, black beans and avocado may make an unlikely trio, but they absolutely go together. A tangy, sweet, lime dressing on top with a garnish of cilantro completes this dish. Serve cold alongside a cold pasta dish or eat as a main course.


Homemade Sushi

Hand rolls are some of the most fun and most messy foods to make for summer. Summer crops like cucumber and avocado are common ingredients. And experimenting with various kinds of fish and shellfish will add layers of flavor. Look online for a simple guide on how to handle the rice and seaweed. Then, you can branch out with your own favorite flavor combos!


Party-Style Cubanos

Pressed sandwiches are some of the most delectable and portable party foods. This traditional Cuban combination of ham, pork, Swiss cheese, mustard and mayo makes for a deliciously rich and totally satiating meal. Make small sandwiches, prepackaged for individuals, or build a foot-long party sub.


With these recipes, you can feed a party of 50; or, you can sit down with your closest friends at your Silver Spring apartment. However you choose to celebrate the last weekend of summer, doing it at one of ROSS’ apartments in Silver Spring is the way to go. Tour today!