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Host An Oscar-Worthy Viewing Party

February 21, 2017

The residents of ROSS’ apartments in Silver Spring can enjoy the 89th Academy Awards with an Oscars-themed viewing party.

The beginning of the year always brings to mind thoughts of cold weather and resolutions, but it is often forgotten that most importantly, it marks the beginning of awards season! Red carpets, show-stopping performances, and heartfelt speeches abound throughout this glorious season and it all comes to a head during the iconic Academy Awards.

What better way to commemorate the biggest award show of the year than with an unforgettable viewing party? The residents of ROSS’ apartments in Silver Spring are well prepared to enjoy the Oscars in style with these three key things.


Fabulous Food

Your guests will want something to munch on while watching the events of the night unfold. Follow the theme of the star-studded night and offer some themed treats. You can easily make these star chips to go with your favorite dip or guacamole and offer this golden caramel popcorn for those with a sweet tooth.


Great Games

Join in on the fun of the night by giving your guests ballots for each category so that they can make their own predictions for who will be the winners of the night. Raise the stakes and invite everyone to add $5 to a prize pot that will go to whoever has the most accurate predictions.


Stylish Space

The residents of ROSS’ apartments in Silver Spring are ahead of the curve by already living in an apartment with beautiful finishes and plenty of room for all of their guests. To take it up a notch, a red carpet, gold balloons, and a gold dining set will have everyone feeling fancy.


Now that you know how to throw an award-winning Oscars party, head to a community that always takes care of its residents with its award-winning customer service. Stop by ROSS’ apartments in Silver Spring for a tour today!