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Organization Hacks to Try This Winter Break

January 2, 2018

Get your off-campus apartment organized this winter break with a few easy and affordable hacks!

WOW! We’ve finally reached the best part of a college student’s year: a month-long, much needed winter break. Yes, this is the time of year to catch up on your Netflix shows and get cozy in your ROSS off-campus apartment.

But also, this break between semesters is a great time to get your apartment organized for a fresh start in 2018! We’ve gathered up some great organization hacks that will elevate your lifestyle in your off-campus apartment.



Tired of your bathroom counter always being cluttered? Use a two-tiered acrylic makeup organizer to neatly store all of your everyday essentials. If your bathroom cabinets are chaotic, purchase a couple of Lazy Susans for the inside and hook two hanging baskets to the inside doors of your cabinets. Gone are the days of rooting through your cabinets. Instant organization! For more bathroom hacks, check out this article.



Cooking in your off-campus apartment will be easier than ever with a simple spice-labeling technique. Take a Sharpie and label the lids of your spices, so you can easily locate the rogue spices that get pushed to the back of your cabinet.

Calling all coffee lovers! Do you love all 800 of your coffee mugs but sometimes have a hard time storing them? Try this easy DIY! Add some hooks to an old pallet, stencil the word “Coffee” on it and you’ve got a practical cup display perfect for your off-campus apartment.



Looking for the perfect way to stay on track spring semester? Create a command center on your desk or workspace in your off-campus apartment. Get a dry-erase calendar, to-do list, etc. and gather them on an organized surface. Print out a few motivational posters and add a colorful pen cup or two and voila—your new study haven awaits!

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