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Five One-Pan Meals For Summer

July 31, 2018
Cajun Style Chicken and Sausage Jambalaya in a Cast Iron Pot with Hot sauce and corn bread- Photographed on Hasselblad H3D2-39mb Camera

Prepping these dishes in your military apartment is a breeze!

For kids, the summer is usually seen as a lull in their schedule. Less time for homework and more time for playing outside! But for adults, the summer can be the busiest time of all. If you’re throwing together dinner at crunch time every time, these recipes might be for you. Try making any of these one-pan meals in your ROSS military apartment and you won’t be disappointed.

Bake a Casserole

No dish is truer to the one-pan mythos than casseroles. A quick look in the fridge will tell you what base to use: cream of mushroom soup, béchamel sauce or a homemade meat gravy will provide excellent flavor and cohesion. Throw in some bread crumbs or rice for a carb. Last, pick your favorite protein and some leftover vegetables for a delicious, balanced, one-pan meal.

Serve up a Salad

Cool, refreshing meals are the best part of summer. Mix one head of crisp cabbage with fresh scallions, peppers and some crunchy toasted almonds for a pleasant mix of textures. Add mandarin oranges, grilled chicken and a sweet and spicy Asian sauce to top it off. For best results: eat on the balcony or patio of your military apartment as you enjoy the summer breeze.

Sip Some Soup

Although soups are generally served hot, you can cook up some surprisingly cool classics in your military apartment. Gazpacho is the most famous, but vichyssoise, borscht and tarator have their appeal. Got picky kids? Try a salmorejo (it’s basically gazpacho with more sophisticated flavors). The greatest advantage of a cool soup, besides some relief from the summer heat, is that you don’t have to microwave leftover helpings.

Pizza Night!

Whether you choose to tackle the “pineapple on pizza” debate or go for a classic red sauce, cheese and pepperoni, pizza is always a crowd pleaser. From young kids to grown-ups, the taste of pizza is known as a true American classic. For a more traditional Italian flavor, try making a Margherita pizza from scratch. It’s deceptively simple: dough, tomato sauce, mozzarella and just a few leaves of basil. Simple, but absolutely tasty.

It’s easy to find a little extra time in the day using these one-pan recipe ideas. Cooking should be a joy, not a chore. Tour a ROSS military apartment today and see how we’re making cooking easier for you.