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Tokens of Our Esteem

March 31, 2016

ROSS Companies is passionate about giving back to our community. Since our founding more than three decades ago, we’ve worked diligently to improve the communities in which we operate through a variety of partnerships, donations and volunteer efforts. At our annual employee recognition event in March, we added a unique chapter to our proud history of charitable efforts.

At the event, each ROSS team member was given a $10 token to donate to one of three organizations that help individuals with various learning and developmental disabilities: Learning Ally, Special Olympics and Stephen Knolls Elementary School. Our partner Entrata matched each contribution. The tokens were given to team members in lieu of the gifts they usually receive at the event.

When all was said and done, our team members and Entrata collectively donated a total of $1,810 to Learning Ally, $2,390 to Special Olympics and $1,800 to Stephen Knolls Elementary School.

“Given that our awards ceremony had a ‘superhero’ theme, it’s fitting that we provided another way for our team members to be heroes,” ROSS COO Dave Miskovich said. “All three of these organizations are tremendously impressive, and they do incredible work to make huge differences in the lives of those they serve. It’s truly an honor to be able to aid their efforts in any way.”

Learning Ally is a non-profit dedicated to helping blind, visually impaired and dyslexic students succeed academically. The organization offers the world’s largest collection of audio textbooks and literature, as well as solutions, support and community for students, teachers and parents.

The largest sports organization for people with disabilities, serving more than 4.5 million athletes in 170 countries, Special Olympics is dedicated to helping its competitors discover new strengths, abilities and skills through athletics.

Located in Kensington, Md., Stephen Knolls Elementary School is a public school that provides an educational program for special needs students from Southern Montgomery County, Md. Its students range in age from 3 to 21 years old.

But ROSS’s support of these organizations won’t end there. The company is committed to supporting all three organizations throughout the year, including next year’s employee recognition event.

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