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ROSS Companies, a premier owner,  renovator and manager of multifamily assets in the Mid-Atlantic region since 1983.

ROSS Companies Celebrates Its 25th Year

August 30, 2013
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Twenty-five years ago, husband and wife team and multifamily real estate titans, Beth and Scott Ross, owners of The ROSS Companies, created core values and characteristics that they wanted their business to be known for. Today, one of the values they held most sacred has proven to be their hallmark. Excellence is a characteristic that not only defines their business, but also their achievements, their marriage, and everything they do.

Partial proof can be found in the numerical data that tells their story. They created three affiliate companies within one – ROSS Development & Investment, ROSS Management Services and ROSS Renovation & Construction – in order to provide excellence in the diversity of services they can deliver. Together, the companies now command one billion dollars in assets by focusing their business efforts in a market they know really well – Washington, DC. In the process, they have amassed a portfolio of more than 11,000 apartment homes.

Recognition for their work has come from a variety of places, including the Property Management Association (PMA) and the Apartment and Office Building Association (AOBA). Together, these associations have awarded ROSS Companies 30 real estate awards in the last 25 years. Most recently, the company’s president, Beth Ross, was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of Washington, DC’s Women Business Leaders.

“Being recognized by associations like PMA and AOBA and well-respected business entities like Forbes Magazine have definitely been highlights of our careers,” says Beth Ross, who runs ROSS Management Services, the largest arm of the company. “However, we hope that our message of excellence reaches every person who interacts with our brand at the employee level, at the resident level, and beyond.”

“We are so passionate about the multifamily industry and the services we provide. We want to do more than be successful in the revenue/portfolio we create,” Beth Ross continues. “We also want our company to be associated with a standard of excellence in this region that is unparalleled. We want to provide value, and a high level of customer service. Together, these things equate to excellence. That is what motivates us to succeed.”

Excellence can also be found in every aspect of who they are as people ­– how they conduct their marriage (they still share a desk), their business strategy, and the level of service they provide their customers and their investors. For example, they are extremely loyal and never disagree in public, they have built their business on the acquisition of great properties to which they can add value, and they value integrity above all else. That includes being frank with their investors about financial expectations and implications for their properties.

“We began this business with one bold thought – that we could go into the multifamily industry specializing in what we do well, which is marketing residential spaces in the Washington, DC metro area, and be successful,” Scott Ross says. The couple began ROSS Companies from their Bethesda home back in 1989. “We knew that if we aspired to a certain standard, revenue would come. If we are being recognized for excellence it is because the intentional guidelines we set up for ourselves all of those years ago have been assisted by the collaborative efforts of our investors, partners, and employees.”

The ROSS Companies are a recognized leader in apartment acquisitions and investment, development, property management and renovation in the Washington D.C. Metro area.

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