ROSS Companies Mom Plans Perfect Father’s Day Celebration in Greenbelt
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Mom Plans Perfect Father’s Day Celebration in Greenbelt

June 17, 2015

Father’s Day is quickly approaching; therefore, to alleviate the stress and pressure of coming up with the perfect Father’s Day activities, here are few simple ideas that you moms of ROSS’ Greenbelt apartments can organize for the kids to show Dad some love on June 21.


There is nothing that screams “the luxury life” more than a poolside waiter; so have the kids treat their dad to a luxurious day lounging by the pool! Make sure they get him everything he needs in order to maintain his state of poolside relaxation, like a nice tall glass of lemonade to sip on, for example. Moms, to ensure that nothing interferes with Dad’s total relaxation, make sure your little poolside waiters are staying safe and following all of the pool rules!


Doing someone’s laundry is small task that goes a long way. We agree, convincing your children to do their dad’s laundry may be harder than it sounds, considering they probably have a million excuses not to do their own – but that’s what makes this task even more special!


Help your kids wake Dad up on this special Sunday with the intoxicating aroma of a warm breakfast in bed. (You may have to take the lead in your all-utilities-included kitchen.) Some simple – and always pleasing – menu options are: chocolate chip pancakes topped with whipped cream, bread slathered with his favorite jam, freshly squeezed orange juice and lastly, eggs fried just the way he likes them. Having the kids deliver Dad a hearty breakfast in bed will be sure to make this Father’s Day like no other.


Rather than making Dad take his car to an expensive detailing company to have it vacuumed, have the inside windows washed and the dashboard/console wiped down; grab the kids, round up a few supplies and teach them how to do it themselves!

Moms, gather the kids and together, shower Dad with love this Father’s Day. These guidelines are sure to show him how much he means to all of you and send him a big “Thank you!” Go even further by taking the family out for a tour of ROSS’ Greenbelt apartments for rent; It’s sure to be the biggest thanks he gets all year – and a good reason for him to thank you!