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Hide Away in a Cozy Café

February 23, 2016

Warm up this winter with one of D.C. metro area’s top four cozy cafés that are serving up warm drinks, hand-made treats and lasting memories for the residents of ROSS’ military discount apartments!

  1. More Than Java Café
    • Location: 358 Main St., Laurel, MD 20707
    • Five-Star First-Time Experience: “Was there today for the first time and will definitely be back. The staff there is great! I found out they get their coffee from a place in Frederick, where I’m from. I signed up for their rewards program and got a free 8 oz. coffee. I ordered a gingerbread latte that was fantastic! There is ample seating, music playing and books to read. As I said first time there definitely not my last!” – Danielle P.
  2. Kaldi’s Coffee Bar
    • Location: 918 Silver Spring Ave., Silver Spring, MD 20910
    • Five-Star First-Time Experience: “First time here…we got there early in the morning. I was surprised at how big the place was! The space is great and def has a trendy, intriguing vibe! My husband and I both ordered a traditional cappuccino and we loved it. Our cappuccinos also had the foam art on top which were just a double treat for your eyes and your mouth. I would def recommend this place to a friend. I will def go back.” – Christine E.
  3. Grounded Coffee Shop
    • Location: 6919 Telegraph Rd., Alexandria, VA 22310
    • Five-Star First-Time Experience: “Great coffee shop. First time here. My vanilla latte was so good! Totally recommend it. I want to come back to try the sandwiches.” – Crystal R.
  4. Vigilante Coffee
    • Location: 4327 Gallatin St., Hyattsville, MD 20781
    • Five-Star First-Time Experience: “This is THE coolest/best cafe in DC/MD area! I went for the first time today from a friend’s recommendation. I’m not a huge coffee snob and I’m the type that drinks a regular cup of  coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts in the morning. However, Vigilante has opened up a whole new world for me. They had tons of options I’d never heard of (Japanese pour over, flat white, etc.) and the staff was super nice and happy to explain all the offerings. I ended up choosing the cold brew and I never thought straight black iced coffee could taste SO good. I’m so used to drinking bitter/sour coffee every morning that essentially needed sugar and cream in order for it to taste good, but Vigilante’s cold brew has made me admit that good and bad coffee exists and that its not all the same. I’m excited to come here regularly and try out all the different options.” – Jin K.

After leaving one of these cozy cafés (or any of the numerous options the D.C. metro area has to offer), head home to a place that combines the warmth of your favorite café with the privacy you desire. It’s a place you can only discover by taking a tour of ROSS’ military discount apartments.